AI Update: Survey Software removes Human Bias

Computer Keystrokes and Privacy

AI survey software is a revolutionary new way to collect data from customers and employees. This type of software uses the latest advancements in AI technology to analyze and interpret data from survey responses.

By leveraging AI, survey software can provide accurate, detailed insights about customer and employee perceptions and behaviors in real-time.

AI-powered survey software is designed to make customer surveys more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. This type of software eliminates the need for manual data entry, making it easier for companies to analyze survey results quickly and accurately. The AI-based survey software also eliminates the need for human bias in the survey results, providing accurate and reliable data.

Pollfish, the fastest survey research platform (powered by Prodege), announced today the launch of its exciting new product feature, Pollfish AI.

Pollfish AI is the easiest-to-use as well as one of the fastest AI-enabled survey creation platforms. It can generate a professional-grade insightful survey questionnaire in 30 seconds or less, all based on a single sentence a user enters on their topic of interest.

Beta testers have been actively unleashing their creativity by making thousands of suggestions to Pollfish AI, which generates complete surveys from commands like: “create a survey about pricing for my new health app,” “consumer sentiment around home buying during these macroeconomic conditions,” or “what’s the best way for me to compete against top coffee chains?”

A key benefit of Pollfish AI is the time saved in survey creation, with the initial survey displaying in just seconds. Surveys can be quickly and easily refined with additional requests like “add more pricing options” or “make this more applicable to the healthcare industry.” Pollfish AI also adds value to surveying by bringing in new ideas, illuminating meaningful insights from questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask. By bringing together these benefits with the world-class audience that Prodege offers, it will propel dynamic and agile solutions to the forefront and the industry as a whole.

“Pollfish AI will help move the market research industry forward. The ability to create a survey at lightning speed will allow brands, researchers, and marketers to quickly get insights from our millions of engaged global respondents,” said John Papadakis, Founder & CEO of Pollfish.

“We’re especially thrilled about the release of Pollfish AI, which furthers Prodege’s mission to make research accessible for all, by making the process of creating surveys simple, accurate, and fun. Pollfish AI serves as one step on our path to minimize the time to impactful insights and we’re excited about additional features in our pipeline that should also foster early adoption,” says Mendy Orimland, Chief Revenue Officer at Prodege.

Pollfish AI is readily available to test and use. To try it out, visit

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