How Nu Image Medical CEO Andreas Dettlaff is Disrupting Telemedicine

How Nu Image Medical CEO Andreas Dettlaff is Disrupting Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an industry that’s still up and coming. There is a common misconception that online medical providers can’t know their patients as well, and there is a long line to access the best services. That all changed with Nu Image Medical and its CEO, Andreas Dettlaff. 

Read on to learn more about Andreas Dettlaff, how he is disrupting the world of telemedicine, what the presence of Nu Image Medical means for telemedicine in the future, and how Nu Image Medical is the future of accessible medical care. 

Who is Andreas Dettlaff?

Andreas Dettlaff is the CEO and founder of Nu Image Medical. He began the company in 2008, partnering with his New Jersey primary care doctor to assist patients. In time, he discovered he needed access to a much larger base of clients. The only answer to this problem was telemedicine.

Dettlaff focuses on Nu Image Medical as a force in the regenerative health and anti-aging industry. He has streamlined the appointment process for interested patients, providing faster access to quality care while keeping operating costs low. 

Many strict regulatory laws come with operating telemedicine in all fifty states. Although it would be easy to sidestep these procedures, Dettlaff ensures Nu Image Medical stays on par with legal and quality coverage across the country. 

Andreas Dettlaff is an incredible visionary and with his direction, Nu Image Medical is poised to make a massive change in the telemedicine industry. 

What is Nu Image Medical?

Nu Image Medical is a quality telemedicine provider focusing on anti-aging and regenerative health, among many other issues. They provide one-of-a-kind programs centered around the issues that come along with aging. They’re so focused on improving the lives of their clients that they are continually developing new programs based on the needs of their current customer base. 

Because Nu Image Medical operates in such a personal aspect of most peoples’ lives, telemedicine is an excellent fit. Patients don’t have to worry about visiting an office in person, and can get help quickly and effectively without factoring in shame.

Thanks to Andreas Dettlaff, Nu Image Medical is one of the top telemedicine providers in the world and is paving the path to an accessible future for all.

Andreas Dettlaff’s Telemedicine Disruption

Andrea Dettlaff is the leader of Nu Image Medical, paving the way to the future of health. In a world where telemedicine is constrained and inaccessible, Nu Image Medical provides a way for anyone to have simple and personal, yet effective access to people who know what they are doing when it comes to health.

Andreas Dettlaff also bursts the telemedicine bubble with the services offered. Because they focus on personal issues that are scary for many to address in an office, they have a leg up on the rest of the industry, providing ways to gain access to new patients and determine the most beneficial technology to develop based on patient information.

Nu Image Medical is a massive disruption to the otherwise bland and ineffective telemedicine world. Dettlaff has created a quality service that helps people while simultaneously building a profit for future development.

Quality Patient Care

There is a central focus at Nu Image Medical – providing quality patient care, even from a telemedicine perspective. They are passionate and ready to help patients to the best of their ability. No matter where a patient is, they will receive beneficial assistance for whatever they are going through in their life.

Every team member at Nu Image Medical is a professional, dedicated to getting to know patients on a deeper level. They take the time to understand each person and learn what they need to achieve a higher standard of life. This connection has made Nu Image Medical one of the best in the country and beyond.

There is a wide range of services offered at Nu Image Medical, ready to help with anything. They are a quality rarity in the telemedicine world.

Healthier People

Through quality patient care, Nu Image Medical seeks to create healthier people. They strive to help men in need, creating options that are affordable and as discreet as possible. The better the access, the greater the quality of life.

All you need to benefit from Nu Medical Image is a connection to the internet. Whether you live in the middle of the city or the outskirts of the countryside, Nu Image Medical will work hard to provide a solution to your issues.

Final Thoughts

Andreas Dettlaff changed the face of the telemedicine industry forever when he developed Nu Image Medical. No matter how much they grow, they remain focused on their patients, providing discreet and personal care to everyone they see.

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