CEO Angelina Lawton Explains Why Every Woman in the Tech Industry Should Start Working on A Niche Today


The global tech industry is booming. Recent research shows that the international tech market was valued at approximately $5.2 trillion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5% through 2024. However, only some people seem to be getting an equal piece of the pie since a mere 26.7% of tech-related jobs are held by women, with higher positions like CTOs having even lower female representation. 

The technology sector’s emerging leader and founder of DIGIDECK, Angelina Lawton knows all about the challenges brought on by pursuing a career in a male-dominated tech world. 

While the underrepresentation of women in tech clearly won’t be solved overnight, Lawton says that there are certain steps that women in tech can take to get ahead. Here’s her advice.

Streamline the Learning Curve

From cloud computing to machine learning, the tech industry is a vast area that spans countless business models and markets. Lawton says that trying to learn everything and be “everything to everyone” is a common mistake entrepreneurs make.

The more you drill down into a niche, the more complex it gets. Respect your niche and the niche of others around you because, in the end, someone with more experience and knowledge in that area is bound to beat you to the punch.

The key is to perfect the area you start out in (your niche). Then, once you are well-versed in that particular area, you can focus on expanding into other areas of expertise.

Lawton’s journey in tech is a textbook example of finding success by honing in on your niche. Rather than spreading herself thin, she focused on one critical area —storytelling tech in sports. And DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita was born. The platform has helped brands build loyalty and drive revenue faster than ever before.

Zero in on Focused Offerings

Similar to finding your niche, you must also find an area of focus for your product or service. Instead of offering a multitude of products or services without taking the time to perfect your focus will be detrimental to your business.

While this may seem counterintuitive, offering your customers too many options can actually stop them from buying your product or service. According to Professor Barry Schwartz’s book, “The Paradox of Choice — Why More is Less,” studies have shown that having fewer choices usually equates with more positive results.

When working on DIGIDECK, Lawton did not follow the path of the platform’s competitors. Instead of clamoring to provide infinite services, DIGIDECK offered a singular offering — and made it their USP.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Even though you might have picked one niche and mastered it to the best of your abilities, stagnation is never the answer. With the ever-growing competition in the tech industry, nobody is safe from being stagnant.

To avoid being passed up by newer competitors, keep abreast of the latest developments and updates in your niche’s technologies and software. While the proven techniques may seem fail-proof, there will always be a faster, cheaper, and more convenient way that comes around with time.

According to Lawton, you first need to learn conventional techniques to become the best. Then you need to improve them. “If you’re outgrowing who you’ve been, you are right on schedule. Keep evolving,” she highlights.

Paving the Road to Success

Whatever the tech industry you operate in, the size of your competition, or how far you’ve come in your journey to success, what matters the most is how strong you are willing to become. Lawton’s story proves that your success depends mostly on you and you alone.

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