Top 10 Culturepreneurs for 2022 Leading Change and Innovation


According to UNESCO, the creative economy is one of the world’s most rapidly growing sectors and currently contributes to 3% of global GDP. Creativity has become a valuable skill and as another year draws to a close, Cultured Focus Magazine honors —The Top 10 Culturepreneurs for 2022. These visionaries span industries and continents yet have all made instrumental contributions to drive change, innovation, diversity, and inclusion.
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  1. Eva Longoria – Actor and Philanthropist

Longoria has a long line of philanthropic work attached to her name through the Eva Longoria Foundation. Her involvement and attendance at the 2022 Global Gift Foundation event raised funds for “Heartbeat for Ukraine”, an initiative providing emergency aid to Ukrainian citizens. The Eva Longoria Foundation is a platform that provides Latinas with access to education and opportunities for entrepreneurship. The actress is known worldwide and admired both for her television and Hollywood film career. She serves as an incredible mentor not only to Latinas, but woman globally.

  1. Daphne di Cinto – Director, Producer and Actor

 Di Cinto is best known for her work in the popular Netflix series, “Bridgerton”, and for
“Il Moro” her recent film. The “Il Moro” film tells the story of Alessandro de’ Medici, son of an enslaved African woman and of Pope Clemente VII, who becomes the first Duke of Florence. The film has won numerous accolades including co-winner of the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival for Best Short Narrative, hence Oscar Qualifying and an amazing accomplishment for the visionary director.

  1. Evgeny Afineevsky – Director, Producer and Cinematographer

Afineevsky is a leading pioneer in documentary film. His recent film, “Freedom on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival. The film offers a raw insight into the devastating human cost of the war conflict unfolding in Ukraine. As with all of his films, Afineevsky captures all facets of humanity whether giving a voice to the Ukrainian people or Syrians in “Cries from Syria” his 2017 documentary about the Syrian Civil War. The world needs people like Afineevsky to shine a light on the challenging realities we face as a society to inspire more to act.

  1. Pino Calabrese – Actor and Producer

As an acclaimed Italian actor with 50 years of industry experience, Calabrese champions diversity in film, and acknowledges more work must be done. He sees film as representative of the world around us and should reflect the diversity we
see in society. “Diversity is wealth” – he said during the “Cultured Focus Magazine Awards and Diversity in Film Symposium” panel discussion at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

  1. Ainslee Alem Robson – Director and Writer

Robson’s recent short film, “Kandaka” centers on female African ruler, Queen Amanirenas, as she leads the Kushite Empire to victory against Emperor Augustus and the Roman armies. Robson’s work provides insight into stories from her homeland and the African diaspora while contributing to diversity and inclusion, and greater cultural education and awareness in film.

  1. Dia Mizra – Actor, Producer and Climate Activist

Dia Mizra has an impressive resume. As the UN Environment’s Goodwill Ambassador, UN Secretary General’s Advocate of Sustainable Development Goals and brand ambassador for the Wildlife Trust of India, her work is a product of her resolute commitment to climate action and the protection of our natural world.

  1. Sinead Burke – Writer, Disability Activist, Member of the Irish Council of State

Sinead is steadfast in her belief that education can overcome ignorance. As a disability advocate, Burke shares her message of inclusivity through her writing, public speaking, and social media channels. As director of the consulting organisation ‘Tilting the Lens’, working to raise the baseline standards around accessibility for those with disability.

  1. Gola – Singer and Women’s Rights Activist

Gola’s commitment to advocating for change and justice for the Iranian people is unwavering. Her recent album, ‘CHANGE,’ is the soundtrack to gender equality and women’s rights activism. Despite her decade-long exile from Iran, ‘The Lioness of Iran’ passionately voices her opposition to the oppressive regime of the Iranian government. Through her music, she fights for social reform to empower women and young girls to be able to live with autonomy and agency.

  1. Ghanim Al Muftah – FIFA World Cup Ambassador and Motivational Speaker

Qatari Youtuber, Ghanim Al Muftah is a motivational speaker and pioneer for those with a disability. In 2022, he was selected as an ambassador for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and narrated the opening ceremony alongside iconic actor, Morgan Freeman. At only 20 years of age, Al Muftah’s achievements are extraordinary.
Ghanim is a shining light for young people with disabilities, showing them that anything truly is possible.

  1. Ismahane Elouafi – Scientist, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

As Chief Scientist at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Ismahane Elouafi is a powerhouse working to combat global hunger, improve nutrition and maintain food security. As an influential woman of science in the Islamic world, she is internationally recognised for her achievements in agriculture and her dedication to empowering women working in science.

The past year has gifted us with 10 incredible culturepreneurs leveraging their voices and platforms to inspire and create positive change in our world. It’s their stories and achievements that remind us of the powerful impact of culture and the global imprint of the creative industries.

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