Move to Online Shopping Kicks Back In Store Shopping

The Rise of Temu: A New Shopping App Making a Big Splash

THUNDER BAY – TECH – The ease of shopping online presents real challenges for small businesses. Here in Thunder Bay, the mail order mentality of fifty years ago has in many ways evolved to online shopping.

The Internet has opened up the market offering a world of shopping. Inversely Thunder Bay businesses also have now access to a global market also.

The reality is that online, price matters more than service. If the product is available everywhere, it will be price that makes it easier for the consumer to choose.

Fast shipping matters too!

Having simple but accurate parcel tracking really helps.

There is some heavy competition out there for local businesses to go head to head with.

Thunder Bay used to have a large number of specialty shops dealing with cameras, darkrooms, and photography.

Remember the once five locations of Lovelady’s Cameras? Lorne’s Cameras and Fishing Tackle, Prismatic Photo, Film Factory, Lakehead Photo, and Primary Colour?

Now it is down to Primary Foto and ImageTech.

The competition is heavy with Vistek, Henry’s and in the United States B&H Photo.

As photography, as just one industry has evolved, even historic brands like Kodak has evolved. Once a leader in film – remember Kodachrome? Kodak was deeply impacted as digital photography became the norm.

Having a strong easy to navigate website with easy means to shop and complete the full checkout is key.

For your business, making that your goal for 2023 should be a priority.

The pandemic may have shifted consumers to buying online at a greater speed, but the move was coming.