Founder of Zeus Equity Group and the Real Estate Industry Stalwart Dr. Steven Kaufman Wants You to Avoid These Myths about Real Estate


Making investments in real estate may seem risky, especially with the multiple myths surrounding the real estate business. However, it’s important to realize these are just myths with not enough basis/evidence behind them. Instead of believing in such baseless ideas, Dr. Steven Kaufman believes that real estate investments are actually a step towards achieving financial independence.

Founder and CEO of Zeus Equity Group and a real estate industry mogul, Dr. Kaufman wants to clear up the ambiguity surrounding real estate investments and market trends. He believes that first-time investors always face issues while making investments because it can be confusing for them. One can find all the relevant information through various mediums, but discerning facts from the absurd is undeniably more difficult.

Dr. Steven’s own real estate journey started when he was just 20; he was working a day job while studying for his degree in accounting at night. He had a chance to meet with a stranger, already working in the property sector, and it changed his life forever. He thinks that it may sound odd, but that one moment of connection with someone he had never known before has been monumental in his success as a real estate tycoon.

There are indeed several misconceptions that can influence decisions regarding investments made in the property industry, and it is very difficult to separate facts from fiction. Dr. Steven wants people to avoid believing in such delusions. Investing in commercial or residential property is one of the best decisions a person can make, and such myths only hold one back from making the right choices at the opportune time.

One of the biggest myths that Dr. Kaufman believes costs people a chance of gaining financial independence through real estate investments, is that they require enormous capital. If one is earning a steady income, they do not need to worry too much about making regular monthly payments; they can be in terms of a mortgage.

Another myth suggests that there is supposedly a perfect time to invest in property, and Dr. Steven rejects that. On the contrary, he believes any time is a good time, as long as your finances are stable enough and you are emotionally willing to invest. All one needs is a good strategy coupled with market research and analysis, and they are good to go.

Certain circles believe that properties in cities or urban areas can bring in greater returns on investment; however, it is not always the case. Dr. Kaufman thinks there is a lot of competition in cities; since the suburbs are not as populated, and with housing supplies dwindling in urban centers, many people are shifting their focus toward suburban areas. So they might turn out to be an excellent investment opportunity.

Some other myths suggest that fixer-uppers or houses in dilapidated conditions can return easy gains. That is not true all the time, because you do not know how much work or money is required to fix them. Dr. Kaufman believes in busting all such myths and wants to prove the contrary through the real estate services that his company is providing to their clients.

Their mantra is to create a stress-free experience for anyone looking to invest in the property sector.Dr. Kaufman says, “real estate financing does not have to be complicated.” His company is focused entirely on ensuring the safety of client investments and mitigating any risks involved in the process.

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