All parents want their children to be the best in whatever they choose to do with their lives. Encouraging children to bring out their best from a young age is very helpful to their confidence and development. Schools may encourage kids to challenge themselves to learn new things, but it is not enough! As academic programs become more advanced and competition increases, children need to expand their learning opportunities outside the classroom. Under the instruction of professional and qualified teachers, children can attain their full potential to develop academic intelligence and become more competitive for future opportunities.

    Why Is Quality Education Important?

    The increase in academic competition has heightened the importance of education for children. Education has become a basic necessity after food and shelter. Kids involved in intellectual development become successful individuals in their adult years. Educational opportunities increase children’s knowledge and brain power. In the era of competitive education, students need to improve their academics and bring their best in all aspects. Parents are turning to supplemental learning centers to enhance academic performance through enrichment programs to gain maximum potential.

    1-on-1 Learning Experience

    To enhance academic skills, every child needs special attention. Children can receive this attention from professional instructors in learning centers that provide specially designed courses to nurture children’s educational development. These learning centers bring out the best in children and prepare them to face a more competitive environment. Many people believe that young children should not be challenged with extra learning programs. In reality, providing opportunities for learning at a young age is ideal, as young minds are flexible, curious, and only get stronger from extra knowledge. A learning center that provides this extra education to children as young as three in a fun and supportive environment is Best Brains Learning Centers.

    A Fun-filled and Supportive Learning Environment

    Young minds cannot learn effectively with the same tedious method of rote memorization. A fun and supportive environment is necessary for children to stay engaged with their classes and continue striving for success. By employing board-certified teachers who pay attention to every child every week through a fun-filled interactive program, Best Brains distinguishes itself from other learning centers. All the Best Brains Learning Centers teachers ensure that each child receives the proper attention they need.

    Certified and Skilled Instructors

    Best Brains Learning Centers is a US-based learning center designed to bring out the best in children. The supplemental learning brand is staffed by certified teachers who provide instruction in Math and English every week. Other qualified educators teach additional programs, such as Coding, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing. Best Brains has a unique curriculum designed to offer concept-based learning.

    Best Brains Learning Centers was established in May 2011 with two locations in Chicago, IL. The institute was founded by brothers Ajay and Anil Sunkara and Anil Uppalapati to provide effective teaching methodology that supports students in and out of the classroom. These founders aimed to improve children’s overall academic development with their programs. In 2013, Best Brains Learning Centers started franchising its effective learning center model. Since then, the company has expanded to more than 130 learning centers across the US and Canada. Best Brains Learning Centers offers learning programs in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Charlotte, and San Francisco in the US and Toronto in Canada.

    In 2020, the company pivoted from in-center to online classes due to the restrictions affecting all schools and businesses. Today, students living outside a local center’s neighborhood can still partake in weekly online courses from the comfort of their own homes. Logging in from a computer or tablet, students are taught the same curriculum as in-person students in small, virtual classes each week with a certified teacher.

    Innovative and Engaging Teaching Methodology

    Best Brains Learning Centers works on a teaching methodology that is non-repetitive and engaging. The curriculum is designed by real teachers and aims to challenge students by incrementally introducing new concepts and skills each week. Best Brains Learning Centers’ comprehensive program works on a unique learning methodology, and it is the only learning platform that offers instruction in English, Math, Abacus, and Coding under one roof. These four subjects are the core programs of Best Brains, and the additional programs such as Public Speaking, General Knowledge, and Creative Writing are designed to improve children’s soft skills and computer literacy.

    Collaboration With Leading Organizations

    Best Brains Learning Centers has partnered with various organizations to provide an effective and engaging learning environment for children. One prominent collaboration took place with a non-profit organization, Recycle My Battery, in November 2019. The founder of Recycle My Battery is a former Best Brains Learning Center student. Through this collaboration, both companies spread awareness among students about the recycling of batteries. Whether in or out of the classroom, Best Brains is devoted to helping every child to be their best truly.

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