Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Tools For MSPs


    Every virtualization and system administrators need to recover servers, files, etc., and a backup solution always eases the burden of recovery. But choosing the right backup solution for the daily tasks remains a panic process for each administrator.

    Different cloud backup providers consider the specific backup requirements of your industry. The MSP industry is one of them, which has some unique backup needs that many cloud-based solutions do not address.

    According to a BDR study conducted by IT Companies Network, the right MSP backup solution can significantly improve the productivity and security of your MSP business. In this article, we’ll look at some of those MSP backup solutions that are cost-effective and will keep your MSP customers’ IT infrastructures secure;

    4 Best Backup Tools for MSPs [2023]

    1. Altaro

    Altaro stands first on our list because of its flexible rating package. This solution requires you to pay per virtual machine for 30 days. Since you pay every month, there is no need to sign a contract. Besides this, the pricing model can be negotiated and changed according to requirements.

    Altero reliably recovers and handles recovery on its servers, the customer’s servers, or both. In addition, it has a multi-tenant cloud administration console. It mentions that there is one point at which each customer’s backup can be accessed and handled.

    This tool will work to recover numerous machines and customer VMs, paying only for the space used. Altaro does not require a choice between cloud or local storage and is compatible with both models.

    In case of any problem, you can contact their 24/7 customer service support, renowned for its speedy response.

    1. Acronis

    Acronis is well known in the recovery and backup industry. Here you can back up images and files and manage data recovery emergencies. Also, collect metadata for security forensics as needed.

    MSP is always concerned with security. The company’s servers operate on an AI-based model detection engine that can recognize suspicious behavior and prevent attempted cyber-attacks before they happen.

    Acronis takes care when it comes to cybersecurity. To this end, they offer services such as automatic and integrated URL filtering, susceptibility detection, patch administration, and virtual supervision.

    1. Nakivo

    Nakivo is another top-rated provider of MSP recovery solutions. This cloud-based solution offers excellent cost performance. Commonly to other similar service suppliers, it does not have any hidden charges.

    With a valid license, you can take advantage of the numerous features promised in the solution. They offer several packages to select from, according to your needs.

    Their flexible licensing charges are as a per-VM model. Under this model, the number of licensed VMs can be adjusted monthly. Hence, you only have to pay for the required services and space.

    Nakivo offers several editions like Enterprise and Professional; you can choose what you need. Both have the same basic components of consistent backup and VM security. However, the Enterprise version is more suitable for larger companies.

    1. MSP360

    MSP360, as its name implies, is dedicated exclusively to the MSP industry and offers high-end MSP backup tools and recovery solutions.

    Its main functions are personalized to the MSP industry. There is an exclusive centralized management portal for managing backups and restores. The software provides a convenient virtual desktop solution.

    There is an instant recovery of both hardware and cloud files & images. They offer multi-platform recoveries like Windows, Windows Server, macOS, Linux, Microsoft 365, and G Suite backups. MSP360 provides self-storage and top-class technical support.


    In today’s scenarios of continuous cybersecurity attacks, safe and reliable data recovery is crucial to MSP operations. Our research indicates that by investing in the best MSP recovery solution, you can ensure the safety of your company and your client’s data.


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