Long-Term Boil Water Advisory Over for Sachigo Lake

Sachigo Lake Airport
Sachigo Lake Airport

SACHIGO LAKE – News – Sachigo Lake First Nation Chief Robert Beardy stated, “As people of the land, we understand firsthand how clean water is the starting point to all life. For the people of Sachigo Lake First Nation, potable water from which we can drink, bathe and cook has been a long time in coming. As Chief, I am pleased that finally today, I can tell community members that the water is good, the water is drinkable and that the clean water flowing from our taps takes us one step closer towards fairness and equity, safety and well-being.

“We are grateful for the efforts undertaken by those who helped us work towards this: the WFNC technical team and officials at ISC. Meegwech for helping us make this a reality. Looking ahead, however, we must ensure that ISC maintains critical capital investments into Sachigo Lake’s infrastructure so that our children and those yet to come can expect clean drinking water from their taps, too. But today we celebrate and offer our friends in government a big meegwech.”

After completing upgrades and expansions to the community’s water infrastructure, Sachigo Lake First Nation’s Chief and Council recently lifted the long-term drinking water advisory affecting over 500 community members since October 19, 2018.

Patty Hajdu, Minister of Indigenous Services says “I thank Chief Beardy and the many teams that led to the lifting of the drinking water advisory in Sachigo Lake. The people responsible for upgrades to the community water infrastructure worked through the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain delays. Despite all of these barriers, they finished the job. Congratulations, Sachigo Lake First Nation on this new chapter.”

Sachigo Lake First Nation and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) have worked in partnership to invest approximately $29 million over a period of five years. Improvements to infrastructure included upgrading the existing water treatment plant, extending the community’s water distribution system, and expanding the wastewater lagoon.

A project team led by the Chief and Council of Sachigo Lake First Nation recruited professional services for the comprehensive feasibility study, and subsequently multiple contractors were hired to complete the construction and implement these long-term upgrades, allowing Chief and Council to lift the long-term drinking water advisory.

These improvements ensure access to safe, clean drinking water for approximately 185 homes and several non-residential buildings, such as the band office, schools, teacherages, community hall, daycare and hockey arena.

  • Sachigo Lake First Nation is located on Sachigo Lake, part of the Sachigo River system and Hudson Bay drainage basin, approximately 425 kilometres (264 miles) north of the town of Sioux Lookout.
  • As of September 2022, Sachigo Lake First Nation had a registered population of 967 people, with 537 people living on reserve.
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