Award-Winning Thought Leader Aanchal Vash’s Latest Book, ‘Ongoing Success and Wellbeing: A Daily Guide to Cultivate Fulfillment in the Pursuit of Achievement,’ Outperforms Her Previous Books


    Award-winning author and self-help speaker, Aanchal Vash, has achieved another milestone with the release of her latest book, ‘Ongoing Success and Wellbeing: A Daily Guide to Cultivate Fulfillment in the Pursuit of Achievement,’ which has managed to outperform her previous books.

    We are aware of various motivational speakers and thought leaders who inspire audiences to focus on ‘Success’ and ‘Financial Growth’ for the ultimate satisfaction in life. Aanchal inspired the same ideals through her previous bestselling books ‘Success Strategies’ and ‘101 Unconventional Strategies,’ coauthored with other industry-leading experts and various notable executives, actors, and actresses. A few of them include the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series Jack Canfield, famous Indian cricketer Kuldeep Yadav, former NFL Athlete Anthony Trucks, C.E.O of ClickFunnels Dave Woodward, and many more.

    However, her latest book unravels new insights and focuses on seven essential areas of life that contribute to overall well-being and prosperity. It provides a thorough guide that addresses the importance of maintaining and striving hard to improve one’s well-being while dreaming big and working towards life’s goals. Aanchal’s previous books focused primarily on self-help success tips; her third release has raised the bar for the entire self-help industry.

    The book hit multiple bestselling lists, including #1 in Vocational Education, #1 in Reference and Collections of Biographies, #1 in Business Etiquette, #1 in Psychology, #2 in Self-Help e-Books, #3 in Self-Help for Success, #2 in Motivational Self-Help and #3 Movers and Shakers in Kindle Store.

    The book reviews have been a testament to the book’s ability to transformlives. Alinka Avendano, a psychologist, based in Leon, Nicaragua, said, “As a mental health professional, I believe this book offers what I need for my clients to learn about their inner power and wellbeing. I highly recommend it.”

    Board of Governor of Montfort University, Aashni Sawjani, also complimented Aanchal’s work and how it leaves a lasting impact. “This one, I am keeping with me forever. This is the action plan we all needed. Her words are the kind you want to print as quotes for keepsakes. The chapter titles and her one-liners that question you stay with you even after putting the book down”. That is the kind of shockwave the book has managed to generate amongst readers.

    Since its release in late July 2022, Aanchal’s book has created ripples in the world of self-development, emerging as a ray of light for all who tend to lose themselves in the pursuit of success.

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