Orlando Business Events that Warrant Booking a Private Car

Orlando Business Events that Warrant Booking a Private Car

Orlando is a bustling city that sees travelers from around the world for both business and pleasure. While many may view Orlando as the land of theme parks, it is also a central location for top business events. Today, we are sharing the top four types of business events you will likely attend in Orlando and the solution to your driving conundrums.

Learning & Networking Conferences

Whether you are flying in for a conference solo or have an entire team going with you, conferences are an excellent method to learn from top professionals in the field, network with like-minded people, and forge greater bonds with teams.

Unfortunately, most conferences are held at huge event centers where attendees will have to deal with the stress of parking and walking long distances to reach the central sector of the event. It can be both taxing and sweaty.

Appreciation & Charity Events

It is time to get decked out in fine jewelry, fancy outfits, and big smiles for these events. Whether you are coming together with colleagues to celebrate a fantastic year of progress or are attending a corporate charity event to raise money for a good cause, you know you are likely to have a few cocktails throughout the night.

As you are well aware, drinking and driving are never acceptable! For many, one cocktail can easily turn into two or three, or five when attending captivating events such as these. You certainly don’t want to drive at the end of the night if you are under the influence…but asking your boss for a lift may be just as embarrassing.

Destination Executive Retreats

Executive retreats can create a turning point for businesses. When all the noise and distractions of the outside world are turned off, team members can come together to brainstorm, plan, and foster innovative ideas.

However, when you have a destination retreat, guests are driving to unknown locations, facing new traffic patterns, and have the potential of getting lost or arriving late.

Fly-In Business Guests

Companies often take on important clients, partners, investors, and other influential people as they grow and evolve. When your guests visit, whether, for a regular meeting or critical performance review, you want to put your best foot forward.

Often, fly-in guests are put into unwelcome positions before they even arrive at the office. They have to deal with long flights, annoying passengers, and waiting on luggage. Figuring out how to get to the office is just another step in their journey that could easily go wrong, leaving them to arrive angry or frustrated.

SOLUTION – Booking a Private Car for Your Event

Whether you want to avoid the stress of driving to new locations, being responsible for safe driving practices, dealing with parking, having an upset guest, or walking a considerable distance to reach an event, booking a car service Orlando company to be your driver is worth its weight in gold. You can relax knowing that your driver will be timely, efficient, professional, and ready to make the drive super easy.

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