CEO of Vortic United shares how the pioneering trading platform is set to have a ‘significant impact’ on the crypto space by offering his state-of-the-art analytical tools to the market


 The CEO of an industry-leading crypto order flow trading system has revealed how he first broke into the financial sector 15 years ago and has strategized for incredible success across volatile markets ever since. His latest mission is to make cryptocurrency trading “accessible to everyone”. 

Jensen Robles, founder of Vortic United, launched the pioneering crypto company just last month in September 2022 after spending nine years developing new analytical tools and adapting traditional market analysis for the crypto market. 

As an early adopter of Bitcoin – buying his first coins for just $24 (USD) each in 2013 – Jensen noticed that the volatile crypto market lacked reliable analytical tools like those used by traditional markets. That same year he became one of the first to devise a solution. 

Jensen, who is a self-confessed “fanatic for numbers, data, and facts”, took on the challenge of building analytical tools for the crypto market himself. The CEO started by employing similar strategies and indicators that he’d used with great success in the Forex and Stock markets – combining technical and order flow analysis to make accurate and profitable trading decisions. 

As the crypto market began to see its meteoric rise in popularity and the types of exchanges evolved to include Kraken, Coinbase, and BTC-E, more data became available which allowed Jensen and the expert senior analysts he had employed to add on-chain analysis into the mix. This made the system’s predictions even more accurate. 

Around four years ago he and his team began utilizing this knowledge to manage the crypto portfolios of wealthy private clients, taking advantage of the volatility crypto has experienced in recent years. Experiencing a heavy demand for analytical crypto portfolio management, Jensen decided to build an “ecosystem” to help both institutional and retail investors make accurate trade decisions. 

He launched the Vortic United platform to offer “next generation cryptocurrency trading” and portfolio management that “makes the crypto market accessible for everyone”. Jensen said: “Everyone should be able to benefit from this volatility without knowing anything about the crypto market.” 

Jensen’s long-term plan for Vortic United is to build the business into an Exchange-traded fund (ETF) for institutional investors. Currently, the business offers private equity accounts to professional investors with a budget of over $200,000 (USD). There are also five different investment portfolios available for retail investors, so everyone has the opportunity to invest safely. 

He said: “The crypto market is still in its infancy and it’s important to position yourself and be a part of something big. With our business plan for the next ten years, we will have a significant impact on the crypto market and will shape it in a positive way.”

The CEO says his approach makes it possible to achieve trading with “consistent gains and without many drawdowns”. He states that this is due to the “stringent risk management techniques” he has developed and put into practice. 

Jensen’s astute grasp of the markets can clearly be seen throughout his career. In 2008, during the financial crash, he began trading commodities such as gold, platinum, and palladium for Deutsche Bank. He made “huge returns” for clients after palladium rose 80% in the first and second quarters. 

He said: “Huge returns were made for our customers after the economic crisis in 2008, especially when the federal reserves removed the limits for money printing. I knew for sure that the Assets of the clients had to be more protected against inflation.” 

From there Jensen, who graduated in finance in Berlin, spent another three “exciting” years in the investment sector in Switzerland before becoming self-employed in wealth management and investment strategy in 2011. 

During this time he consulted on money management and designed investment strategies for private and institutional clients. He also started currency trading, as changes in the global market saw a significant impact on the Forex Market that caused a lot of volatility and opportunity for profit. 

Now Jensen is helping others develop their portfolio in the cryptocurrency market, which he believes “has not even come close to its full potential”. Jensen said buying crypto was “the best decision” of his life. He credits a “close friend” from Berlin for advising him to get into the market early. 

Jensen was born in London, UK, and grew up in Vienna, Austria, until the age of six before moving to Hannover, Germany. He now lives mostly in Singapore, Monaco and Germany and identifies his nationality as Austrian and German. 

Vortic United is encouraging investors to join its partner programme, which offers rewards to members who are willing to “put a little effort” into helping the company fulfil its vision by spreading the word about Vortic United’s unmatched performance, Jensen says. 

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