DeWalt Nail Gun: the best for furniture repairs


When you work with staples, dowels, and nails, try to use a nail gun. It is utilized in furniture making, in wood, stone, and concrete construction. Depending on the application, they differ in power and size. As an example, you can have a look at the DeWalt Nail Gun on to study its main features.

What kinds exist?

Nail guns use compressed air, gas, gunpowder, or electricity as the driving force:

  • The pneumatic Dewalt nail gun is compact, powerful, reliable, easy to use, affordable, and quiet. It is suitable for use on any premises, at any level of humidity, and the environment doe not matter.
  • The gas nail gun is powered by a gas canister. It has several advantages: power, autonomy, light weight, and ease of use. A significant disadvantage is the need to buy gas cans, the price of one shot is quite high.
  • Powder tools are considered the most dangerous. They can only be used with the appropriate permission. The main benefit of it is its high power, which allows it to penetrate hard surfaces.
  • Modern nail guns are electromechanical. They are convenient, easy to use, fireproof, do not emit anything harmful, and work fast. Based on this technology, a professional Dewalt battery nail gun works.

Benefits of a Dewalt nail gun

Dewalt nail guns have an innovative brushless motor. It is distinguished by power, high efficiency, and long run time on a single charge. The brand produces nail guns to work with different materials.

The Dewalt cordless nail gun is the only one among the professional models of prestigious manufacturers. An 18V Flexvolt battery that fits the entire line of tools powers it.

In addition, DeWalt tools manufacturer offers the Dewalt nail gun set, as well as a wide range of nails for branded nail guns.

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