Is Vladimir Putin Adopting Adolf Hitler’s Nero Degree to Save Face?

Russian President Vladimir Putin - Image supplied by the Kremlin
Russian President Vladimir Putin - Image supplied by the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin is losing his war in Ukraine. Over the past seven months, stiff Ukrainian resistance has blunted Russian efforts to take over the country.

Putin now appears to be moving into the same mind-set as Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler in 1945.

The Nero Decree (German: Nerobefehl) was issued by Adolf Hitler on 19 March 1945, ordering the destruction of German infrastructure to prevent its use by Allied forces as they penetrated deep within Germany.

Hitler believed that in losing the war, the German people had proven unworthy of his leadership and that sending Germany back into a new Dark Age would be a solution. Such is the thinking of a madman.

Vladimir Putin as he loses his war likely will see his leadership of Russia fail as within Russia and globally resistance is growing.

With his three-stage mobilization along with new laws that appear designed to expand his military power and threats that the Russian nuclear arsenal is in play, Putin is threatening what could be an expanded global war.

All of this has been happening as Putin’s popularity in Russia as well as the number of people trusting his leadership have continued to fall.

In May of 2020 Putin at the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic had popularity at 67.9%. However in December of 2021 his popularity with younger Russians is under 30%.

The next election in Russia is in 2024.

It is likely that Putin is seeing that his war will see the end of his political career and his latest moves show he is determined to go down in flames to either shine in glory or drag down Russia and the world with him.



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