Thunder Bay Votes: Candidate for Mayor Clinton Harris on Crime Issues

Clint Harris Mayor

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – Thunder Bay voters will elect a new Mayor on October 24, 2022. As part of our 2022 election coverage NetNewsLedger reached out to all of the candidates for Mayor with these questions on the issue of crime.

We received responses from Clinton Harris, Gary Mack, Robert Szczepanski, and Peng You. No response was received from Ken Boshcoff.

Here are the responses:

First and foremost I will lobby the current federal and provincial delegates here who remain silent.
Their silence is acceptance and we have to be diligent to make this city safe, not silent.
The gangs from outside our city are costing what we cannot not afford.
Accountability from those elected to protect us is failing or failed due to their silence and this cannot be tolerated.
The Police Services Board cannot be made to make gains without the required resources due to the increase in domestic terrorism on our streets.
We need a strong Chief of Police that will use the avenues available through applications seeking financial support and they must demand the end to the silence of our current political leaders that continue to sit on their hands as their citizens are murdered on our streets gang style or deaths due to the lethal drugs they bring to our city.