Myles Sanderson Captured by RCMP near Rosthern Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan RCMP have confirmed that Myles Sanderson the prime suspect in the knife stabbing attacks on the James Smith Cree Nation.

RCMP arrested Sanderson following a four-day manhunt.

“Myles Sanderson was located and taken into police custody near Rosthern, Sask., at approximately 3:30 p.m. today. There is no longer a risk to public safety relating to this investigation,” stated the RCMP in a statement.

The murder spree on Sunday has seen ten people murdered and 18 people injured.

Damien Sanderson who was found deceased was a suspect.

The manhunt has resulted in the arrest of Sanderson, who was wanted for months by RCMP and had been paroled for earlier crimes. That decision is now under review.