Filmmaker and Entrepreneur Krishna Pimple To Introduce Music Lovers To Hidden Gems of Tanzania


    We are all surrounded by so much talent in the world but what we have witnessed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. The greatest of the talent has been probably hidden from us or we have been unaware of it. Filmmaker and entrepreneur Krishna Pimple has decided to expose Indian music lovers to some hidden gems of Africa.

    Krishna who is the Hon. Counsel of the United Republic of Tanzania for Southern India is actively involved in Cultural and film exchange between India & Tanzania and other African nations. Now the good news for people in India and Tanzania is that he is all set to collaborate with outstanding musicians and singers from Tanzania. The artists from Tanzania will visit India to do musical shows, record music videos, albums and singles.

    There is already a great liking for Indian Music in Tanzania. A blend of both Indian and Tanzanian talent is likely to boost opportunities and offer more interesting & soulful music to music lovers all over the globe. Krishna Pimple is working towards this excellent cross-cultural initiative along with Tejal Pimple & Parth Dave.

    Krishna will be visiting Tanzania to promote African – Tanzanian Films’ participation and promotion in India and other countries. Good movies from Tanzania will be screened at the 4th Innovative International Film Festival (IIFF) which will be held on October 21 in Bangalore.

    The idea is to boost the culture of exchange of film content across countries and promote Global Cinema. It will also showcase ‘Shooting opportunities in Tanzania’ which is still a virgin, beautiful and cost-effective shooting location for the Indian Film Industry.

    Krishna Pimple will facilitate and organise the participation of Tanzania Films in India starting with IIFF International Film Festival.

    Apart from being, Hon. Counsel of the United Republic of Tanzania for Southern India, Krishna Pimple is one of the most respected and distinguished names in the film industry thanks to his contribution to filmmaking and other important aspects of the industry. He holds a great position in the industry as he manages the responsibilities of being a lifelong member of IMPPA and Founder and Trustee of Dadasaheb Phalke MSK trust.

    Krishna Pimple is known for producing films like Abhi Abhi, Choukat, Gharat and many short films and documentaries. He is now gearing up for the release of as many as 11 upcoming short films and movies.

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