What Is Google My Business and Why Is It Important for Businesses?

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Gone are the days when people relied on traditional brick-and-mortar businesses for their needs. The present world is digital and advanced. Consumers prefer to Google the business name and order within the comfort of their homes.

According to statistics, almost 263 million American buyers shop online. That’s 80 percent of the total population!

In this scenario, it would be not so wise to stick to the traditional methods. The online market has great potential to boost your business. It is free, easy to access, and filled with customers.

So, if you haven’t benefited from this opportunity and created a Google My Business listing yet, it’s high time you do it now. Today, we will discuss:

  • What is Google My Business?
  • Why is it important for businesses?
  • How to set up Google My Business?
  • How to get Google reviews?

Let’s get started!

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business (now changed to Google Business Profile) is a listing service offered by Google. You can use it to provide important information about your business to online users. This includes location, operating times, phone number, customer reviews, and more.

If you already have a website, you might be wondering what’s the need. Well, Google My Business indexes all the website content and makes it consistent throughout Google platforms.

So, when an internet user searches for the business name on Google (Search, Maps, Google+, etc.), a listing appears on the right side of the screen. The person can then go through the necessary details before taking action. All that said, Google My Business listings are free.

Why Is Google My Business Important?

It’s nearly impossible to operate a successful business without a GMB listing. Here’s why Google My Business is important for businesses:

Increases Market Reach & Traffic

With so many users online, Google My Business allows your business to be seen and explored by more people. Your business is no longer limited to a physical location and its residents. You can even increase your reach to other national and international markets.

Builds Up on Your Credibility

Google has evolved into the go-to place when someone needs information. And, since it’s always updated, people have learned to view it as a reliable database.

So, when Google shows your business, it lends some of its credibility to you. The users are more likely to rely on your business than non-listed ones.

Gets More Sales

Google My Business listing gives access to a wider market and builds up your credibility. What does this mean for a business? More successful sales!

When more people see you, there will be more new customers to convert into long-term ones. Plus, the increased reach means you can cut down some of the marketing budgets. This will leave you with more profits to expand the business.

How to Set Up Google My Business?

Setting up Google My Business is absolutely free and easy. You just have to follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Google Account

The first thing is to log into your Google account. It will serve as your Google Business manager too. We say this because all Google services are accessible through one account.

In case you don’t have an account, create one using your email address.

  1. Enter Your Business Details

Once done, add your business through the drop-down menu. Enter the business name/type separately if you cannot find it in the menu.

Next, enter the physical location and mark it on the Maps. If you have an online business, skip the step and mention the region only. Lastly, add a contact number and website address to complete the setup process.

Note: You can customize the business listing later.

  1. Verify Your Business

For verification, you need to provide a physical location. This particular address won’t be added to the listing or shown to the public.

Google will use it to send mail to physical store locations. Online or service-based businesses will receive verification emails. Enter the received code and your profile is ready to use!

How to Get Google Reviews?

New businesses often struggle to get more reviews on their Google My Business listing. There are two ways to get out of this situation; listing optimization and better customer relations.


Google ranks your business listing based on relevance, distance from the searcher, and reputation. So, if someone searches for the best pizza places, your business listing will pop up when you meet these three points.

Here’s how to optimize your Google Business listing for more reviews:

  • Complete your profile with accurate and relevant information. Update the listing whenever there’s a change in operating hours or other details.
  • Add original and high-quality images of your business. Do not use stock or edited photos.
  • Use keywords in the business description.
  • Create posts to keep the customers updated about important events, discount offers, etc.

Customer Relations

Apart from having a great product, the trick to increasing the number of long-term clients is to offer great customer service.

Being polite, replying promptly, solving queries, and asking for feedback are all forms of customer service. The main purpose is to build a good relationship with your clients.

So, if you work on that, there is a high chance that your customers will support your business. You can send them your Google My Business listing and request positive feedback. Having some genuine reviews on the listing will build your credibility and improve rankings too.



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