372 Candidates in Toronto Civic Election: 31 Candidates for Mayor

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TORONTO – POLITICS – It will be a busy election in Toronto.
Toronto City Clerk John Elvidge has certified 372 candidates for Toronto’s October 24 municipal election.
The official list of candidates for Mayor, Councillor and School Board Trustee is available on the Toronto Elections webpage: https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/elections/candidate-list/.
The deadline for filing or withdrawing a nomination was Friday, August 19 at 2 p.m.
There are 31 certified candidates running for Mayor, 164 certified candidates running for Councillor and 177 certified candidates running for School Board Trustee.
There are three school board wards where only one candidate filed a nomination. Under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, if there is only one candidate running for an office at 4 p.m. on the Monday following nomination day, the City Clerk will declare that candidate elected by acclamation. On voting day, the ballot will indicate “Acclaimed” for that office and a voter will only be able to mark their ballot for the other offices in which more than one candidate is running (e.g. Mayor and Councillor).
In the 2018 Toronto municipal election, under the 25-ward model, the total number of certified candidates was 501 (35 for Mayor, 242 for Councillor and 224 for School Board Trustee).
More information about the Toronto municipal election is available at www.toronto.ca/elections.
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