The Man Behind Connects Clout: Omar Choudhury


    Connects Clout has become a well-known name in the social media branding and public relations industry. Social media has become a place for both new and experienced entrepreneurs to connect to a larger audience. And with more businesses looking to build authority in the marketplace, we met with one of the most well-connected leaders in the space.

    Omar’s Background

    Omar Choudhury, who also goes by “Omar Connects” has had sales and networking ingrained in him from an early age. From washing cars at age ten to selling sweets in high school, it is no wonder why he has seen such success in his entrepreneurial life at an early age. Having generated over a million dollars within seven months of starting his first business, Omar has gone on to become a go-to authority for many well-known business coaches and investors when it comes to digital branding, investing, and business growth.

    Connects Clout

    Having already built a multi-million-dollar agency in the Instagram branding space, Choudhury was able to take the skills he learned and apply them to his PR and consulting business. He decided to focus on only offering a luxury high-ticket service to the world’s top entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers.

    “The mindset of a $500 client versus a $50K client is completely different. The former has all the skepticism whereas when you work with luxury clients, they know the price is justified. I wanted to keep the agency prestigious and only work with the best of the best” Omar tells us.

    Connects Clout has helped hundreds of its clients completely revamp their brand and turn their social media pages and online presence into an elite client attraction magnet. Having seen their work, we really can say they help their clients like no other agencies we have seen in the space.

    What’s Next?

    Omar plans to continue to build Connects Clout into the number one PR and social media consulting business. “There are a lot of average firms, but I want to be the one they all wish they could work with; the Rolls Royce for the world’s elite.”

    He is also a partner in other 7-9 figure businesses and plans to continue to scale them. He also has projects in the US financial space, mergers and acquisitions, and e-commerce space.

    If you are looking to create a multi-million dollar-looking social media brand, then message Omar on Instagram @OmarConnects.

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