Alin Bagheri (Video Director) is in the top 3 Persian music videos star

Alin Bagheri (video Director) is in the top 3 Persian music videos star
Alin Bagheri

A music video by Alin Bagheri is in the top 3 Persian music videos with more than 1.5 million views on youtube. Alin Bagheri, Video Director, and Singer Directed a Music video known as ‘Na’. this music video name ‘Na’ became popular in Iran and got the most views on Youtube more than 1.5 million views.

This music video got candidates for the Persian music video festival and was ranked second.

Skyline Media official Interview with Alin Bagheri

What is your feeling about it?
I am so happy because I tried so hard to reach my dream.

Alin Bagheri The director of Persian music videos makes more than 1000 music videos and teasers in 5 years, do you think it is an outstanding achievement? I am so glad to mention it, yeah I always say to myself you should make videos as much as you can, per video you learn a new lesson, if you want to improve yourself you need all of these lessons.

Where do you live now and what are you doing there?
I’m living in Dubai and focus on my company here to make advertisement content and of course music videos.

What kind of music videos are enjoyable for you to make?
I love to put stories in my videos, and that story should be related to that music.

Which one of your music videos that you directed do you love more?
All of them are like my baby, but Golhaye khoshk and Dobareh Bidar.

What do you think about the music video in Iran? is it difficult to make it inside Iran?
Actually no, we have a lot of great Locations and talented people for making videos.

What kind of genre is your style?
I like to use dark color grading in music videos, and mysterious stories.

When do you start to make videos?
when do you begin to make videos? when I was a teenager around 16 years old my father bought a Handycam, after that, I tried to make videos with that camera and try to know some software for editing, and improve myself but for art, anything you know is not enough, you need to learn more and more and this is the magic of the art, every year everything changes like new cameras coming and new software and new Vfx, you need to upgrade your self every year if you want to be successful.

Thank you to speak with skyline media, for the end do you want to say anything to people who want to be director?

Just follow your dreams and never stop

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