Meet Felix Demin, a serial entrepreneur scripting history in the entrepreneurial world.


    Owner of multiple ventures across diverse businesses, Felix Demin as a ace business professional sets high benchmarks.

    Th world is full of talented people who have mesmerized many millions across the globe with their innate talent, skill, passion, and expertise. Having lit up their respective fields, these spirited professionals have left no stone unturned in seeking excellence in each and every endeavor they pursue and have always raised the bar for performance. With greater demand coming from all nook and corners of the world, the business arena has seen the emergence of many new startups and entrepreneurs delivering desired results, making the lives of the next gen customers very easy. With majority of customers being tech savvy now, even many brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs have to be on the top of their game for revenue generation and increase their profitability. They need to come up with innovative ideas to formulate successful strategic activities to take the customers attention. One such serial entrepreneur who has mastered the business arena with his multi-faceted skills is Felix Demin.

    Having delivered in diversified businesses, Felix Demin has swiftly become one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs. Owing multiple ventures and businesses, the rise of Felix in the entrepreneurial space has been a special tale to tell and share with others. With a strong inclination towards the business world since a young age, Felix Demin knew that he would have to work diligently hard to not only survive but to reach every pinnacle of success in the business field. But his journey to success was not a walk in the park, he had to overcome many obstacles and challenges early in his life. Breaking many boundaries and going beyond limits, Felix has made a special name and place for himself in the Hospitality sector. He initially lived in China for 3 years and then shifted to Bali 8 years ago. Taking over the hospitality sector, Felix today owns many exotic properties. His “Bubble Hotel Bali” has been rated in the Top 10 Unique Hotels by AirBnb worldwide. Its top-notch services, ambiance, and different vibe all have attracted the attention of tourists nationally and globally and have also served well-known personalities and celebrities around the world. Felix also owns three hotels and also owns the “Private Jet Villa” project, a hospitality facility. With an objective of providing best in class facilities to his clients and provide an unforgettable travel and luxury experiences to tourists, Felix has made a provision of an old Boeing 737 airplane, which he owns and repurposes into a luxury villa located at the top of a cliff, 150 meters above the ocean.

    Being an versatile and successful entrepreneur hasn’t stopped Felix Demin from following his hobbies and passion. He avid traveler, surfer, and meditates for inner peace. Finding the right balance between work and life, Felix makes sure to give time to all of his passion. In addition to this Felix has also been a keen investor in Bai real estate markets where he deals in villa constructions building multiple luxury villas across different towns in Bali. He also owns an one of the biggest logistic companies from China to Russia, known for their service delivery and also a trading company.

    We are certain of the fact that Felix Demin will continue his golden run in the entrepreneurial journey and inspire many millions of upcoming entrepreneurs.

    To know more, visit his website:

    Follow his on official Instagram: @felix.demin

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