How Designa Individual Watches Builds A Thriving Loyal Community


    In a time when social media has cast its net in every sphere of human conversation, it is foolish not to leverage its power. Designa Individual Watches (DIW), which serves individual preferences and tastes for bespoke collections, is rightly focussing on investing in a strong relationship with its target audience. In a world with rising mobile and internet users, people love to spend time on social media platforms. DIW, thus, is driving a thriving community of fans and admirers for its brand and services.

    “The custom style and statement DIW etch in each watch will have takers among millennials. 90% of millennials are active on social media, and almost half of them make a buying decision based on product recommendations/promotions on social media. Taking cue on this, we bolstered our social media strategy and public relations,” says DIW spokespersons. DIW watches, crafted with great aesthetic appeal, inspire a craving in the audience when they see the high-quality customization. Made for photos, Instagram turns out to be the right vehicle for showcasing incredible works of art on watches and creating a fanfare around the globe.

    “Today’s consumers prefer interacting and communicating with brands on social media. They look for quick responses to comments or direct messages from the brands. We understood this behavioral matrix and mobilized our community effort accordingly,” adds the Team. DIW gamed up by engaging their target audience consistently by leveraging social media. DIW uses this strategy to invite prospects into DM marketing with an intimate approach and strong personalization based on the needs and demography of the audience. “Social media channels help curate a vibrant community around your brand in a very organic manner. DIW has a stellar fanbase online. A strong community is not just a prospect but become an ambassador of your brand”, says team DIW.

    Designa Individual Watches continues to build its presence online while its popularity continues to soar. Social media remains a key element in their marketing efforts, while the brand continues to make an impact with its global audience.

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