Mike Touzard, CEO of Medakit on the future of healthcare.


    In 2020, serial entrepreneur Mike Touzard’s startup, Medakit, partnered with a team of high- skilled engineers and launched together the Covid-19 Rapid antigen and antibody tests.

    Realising that he has the team, talent, and perseverance to help, Mike quickly turned things around and started to work intensively with World’s Governments to supply rapid testing in quantity. To

    date, Medakit has conducted millions of Covid-19 tests worldwide, helping to curb the spread of the virus and keep the world moving during the pandemic.

    Mike Touzard is very enthusiastic about the future of Medakit, and wants to improve global healthcare solutions using technology and AI.

    “There’s a lot we can do in telemedicine, personalised health and fertility. Areas that we think have huge potential, but no one’s really addressing. »

    Mike started his first company in 2011 at the age of 15, and has been active in different areas such as technology (mobile apps,AI,..), real estate and healthcare.

    He recently got the honour to join the Forbes U30 Technology Council – 2020 Promotion in Hong Kong.

    By mixing his skills in technology and what he learnt with Medakit, Mike is now focusing on creating tomorrow’s technology that will bring life-saving healthcare solutions into everyone’s home.

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