Meet Syed Falak: An Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, Singer, and What Not!


Umpteen number of individuals and professionals are setting a great bench mark with their stupendous performance in diverse sectors and niches. The determination, knowledge, and passion they enhance in their work is truly remarkable and inspirational. They explore their skills and creativity with efficient implementation of social and digital domains which plays vital role in their growth. Though we all know today each sector is highly competitive, to survive is also a big task and to gain success is like dream. We came across a young individual blessed with creative skills and pro knowledge in multiple fields excelling as an entrepreneur, producer, actor and singer – Syed Falak. The Pakistani guy is enthralling the industries and people with his astonishing performances.

Started his career journey at a tender age. From being an entrepreneur to be a part of massive Pakistani television dramas, films, reality shows and much more. Gradually in the year 2015 he entered in the production field, where he established himself soundly. In 2017 he started his acting career while producing he gained the experience which helped him to build himself as an actor too. Today Syed has established himself stupendously as an entrepreneur, producer and actor, who has worked in massive films as a producer and acted in many Pakistani dramas.

His success tags don’t end here now working on his hidden talent of singing. For which he polished his skills to master his singing talent and engross the listeners. Recently he had released his singles and Eps which includes – Shine Onycs, Forget Everything, Broken Piano and his latest release which is creating much buzz is Quirky Love. The overwhelming response of his millions of fans and audiences inspired him to work more creative in his future projects. Syed is a self-made man and all he achieved is with his sheer hard work, unique talent and skills to present his talent in front of billions of people makes him stand a part in this huge industry.

Syed has won more than 5 national awards, which enhances his pro skills in each zone. Apart from this he is also an motivational speaker, he encourages other young talent to push their limit and explore widely with confidence.

Syed is becoming an international personality for the exceptional success he has gained. Stay tuned with his Spotify. To  know more, follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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