ACE100 EU and UK variants bring a much-needed freshness to the mobile charging solution industry


There has been a transformative change in the electronic industry that has engulfed technology enthusiasts in the past few years. That has managed to make the electronics industry accept the changing realities of this present world. This has led to the development of several companies that have aced the techniques in the manufacturing of electronic components and other devices that have been very popular in public spaces in the past few years. One of these electronic devices has been power banks that have really taken off with the advent of the age of smartphones. They have become indispensable with the rising popularity of smartphones and have now become a stable electronic device for many manufacturers.

VEGER and their ACE100 series power banks

VEGER has always been at the forefront of trying out emerging technologies in the electronic sector and has now taken the game to the next level. Launched in 2013 and based in New York, VEGER has emerged as the industry leader in mobile charging solutions. This has catapulted its market share from a meager to a high share. VEGER has always focussed on the development of cheap, reliable, and safe electronic devices that can be used as a platform for further revolutionizing the electronics industry. They have grown into industry leaders in mobile charging solutions and that has led to their name as one of the biggest technology-driven companies in the world. 

They have been focussing on smartphone portable power banks and have upped their game with their knack for constant innovation. The ACE 10000mah power bank series has been developed keeping in mind the special requirements of EU and UK users. There has been a shift in customer preferences and usage in these two countries and that has contributed significantly to this.

Features of ACE100 EU portable power bank PD 20W 10000mAh

ACE100 EU is the world’s first EU folding plug power bank with PD/QC fast charging technology. This is something that really stands out as compared to all its competitors. Another major benefit of it has been its lightweight. Ideally suited for backpackers and travelers, it has been a boon for all those who need a lightweight portable power bank for their smartphones. The only technical issue that it had faced earlier was with respect to its charging time. That too has been brought to 3.5 hours with a portable C-type charger.

It can be used to charge up to 3 devices at the same time. This 10000 mAh is compatible with almost all USB-enabled electronic devices. The power bank can be charged up back again with its inbuilt EU Plug. This creates a very convenient stance for its usability. The EU power bank is compatible with many other devices like tablets, iPad, etc. All this has been made available at a very affordable rate and that has been one of the reasons for its popularity.

Features of ACE-UK portable power bank PD 20W 10000mAh

The features of the ACE-UK variant have been more or less the same as that of the EU variant. The only difference is it comes with inbuilt UK Plug for direct recharging without any extra cable or adapter. The USB-A output1 and output2 support QC3.0, thereby facilitating fast charging of your devices at full speed. This reduces the time needed for a full charge. The portability of such devices lends it the biggest advantage over its competitors. The 10000mAh battery capacity has been the most talked about feature of this device. Its adaptability and interoperability have been fine-tuned to the last detail.

This is also compatible with different types of devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. This has led to the required dynamism for the brand as well as the ACE100 power bank. This is one of the biggest reasons for their immense success in the national and international markets. With pass-through technology in both EU and UK versions of these power banks, it reduces the need to carry an extra adapter. Users can charge both their power bank and smartphones at the same time from a single socket or power outlet. This scenario we face in places like Airport or Railway Station where finding multiple sockets to charge your devices is a bit difficult. There also has been a diversification of different types of power banks that have gripped the market. All these diverse requirements today are being addressed by VEGER.


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