Song of Solomon Chapter One: The Heart of a True Lover The Explosive New Book by Pastor & Author Henry Nwaneri


    In the late 80s after I had just given my life to Christ, the Song of Solomon was the second book of the Bible that God took me to. As a little kid, I thought it was weird and strange that God was taking me into that book, but the things He said to me then, have only begun to make sense to me now. We are so used to metaphorically ascribing symbolisms to the things we read in the Song of Solomon, and while I believe that that is true, I also absolutely believe that the book was placed there not only to talk about the relationship between Jesus and his bride but the relationship between Jesus’ bride and their friends, spouses and partners. These words from the Lord’s mouth have haunted me since then: “I don’t want you to be too good with me but unable to live a healthy and happy life. I don’t want you so in love with me that you are unable to enjoy a good love life.”

    So, in this book I highlight a deeper realm of love, sex, romance, intimacy and relationship from the eyes of the famous lovers in the Bible. There are eight chapters in the book of song of Solomon. Each chapter is going to be a separate book, and this first book is solely on just the verses found in chapter one of the song of Solomon. You’d be amazed at the depth of information that we can glean from just chapter one of the song of Solomon. Generally, Christians are a little bit leery of coming on strong on the various issues of love, sex, romance and relationship. As a matter of fact, we are so careful about this that we talk very little about it. So, in chapter one you’re going to read about various issues which have been handled in the secular world but not seriously dealt with in Christendom



    To the world, vulnerability is the ability to share your life with someone else by being open and transparent. But in Christianity, vulnerability is a part and parcel of our exercise of faith. God does not just expect us to be vulnerable to human beings, but to also be vulnerable to him. Faith without vulnerability is a spiritual gimmick. Each time you exercise faith, you really have to be vulnerable to God, otherwise what you’re doing has no connection with you. Vulnerability is what connects you to the Faith you have in God. Vulnerability is you saying okay God, here is my little faith. In like manner vulnerability is how we trust God to be able to live a good, peaceable, healthy, happy and loving life with the people that God has put in our lives. If we are not able to be vulnerable with them, it is likely because we have vulnerability problems with God. The Shulamite woman in the Song of Solomon displays an amazing level of vulnerability. Starting off with the second verse where she says ‘let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth,’ the Song of Solomon is full of so much vulnerability both from the king, and from his bride. You will find more about vulnerability such as what it means to be vulnerable in a relationship, how vulnerability helps you get to your destiny and how it helps you score the best Christian lovers.



    In Song of Solomon chapter one, one of the strongest words and lesson that I found was the lesson of delight. This seems to be what has been missing from a lot of our relationships. God expects us to delight in Him, and our delighting in Him is what keeps us following Him. In Psalm 34, God tells us that if we delight in Him, He would give us the desires of our heart. That means that delight is a powerful relationship tool. While faith is how we feel about what we are asking God for, delight is how we treat God with reference to what we are asking Him for. The moment we lose our delight is the moment we begin to backslide from the depth of intimacy that God has exposed to us. The loss of delight is the beginning of backsliding. The Bible says that God in the midst of us is mighty and as mighty as He is, He rejoices over us with singing. That is God delighting in us and He expects the same in return from us. That said, delight also is a very important factor in relationships. Just as the death of delight is the beginning of backsliding, the death of delight in a relationship is the beginning of separation and divorce.

    As I said, a lot of this book was downloaded to me way back in the late 80s, but in the first week of May 2022, during a personal retreat, I found no peace until I agreed with God that I would write down the things that He had taught me in this book. This book is a page turner because it is written from the depth of an intimate relationship with God. My notepads are drenched in my tears as God on one hand pours out his spirit on me as I write, but on the other hand reveals to me deeper things behind the words and spiritual meanings between the lines of the verses of Song of Solomon chapter one

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