How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Like Diamond Ranch Academy are Changing Lives

How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Like Diamond Ranch Academy are Changing Lives

Parents of rebellious teenagers know how difficult it can be on the family. They only want what’s best for their children, but it’s tough to know how to achieve that. Parents only have so much time in the day and simply sending a troubled teen to therapy may not fix the issues they are dealing with. This is where Diamond Ranch Academy comes in. 

Diamond Ranch Academy is a therapeutic boarding high school for teens located in Hurricane, Utah.

Administrators have described the school as “the future of treatment”, and the testimonials by both parents and teens alike suggest they just might be. This boarding school for teens provides an environment that inspires students to develop a lifelong love of learning and a positive plan for their future career path. 

Diamond Ranch Academy Boarding School Campus

The Diamond Ranch Academy therapeutic boarding high school has a gorgeous 55-acre campus with comfortable, high-quality facilities to provide the best experience for the teens. At this school, students have access to significantly more resources than anywhere else. The academy has several outdoor facilities for teens to enjoy, such as an award-winning football field, a baseball diamond, and even a skate park. The facilities within the school are designed to promote and develop social skills along with physical health, which many of the students come in struggling with. While Diamond Ranch Academy’s facilities are top-notch, it’s their workforce that makes the difference in the lives of the students.

Exceptional Therapeutic Staff

Diamond Ranch Academy has a large staff that includes licensed therapists. There are eighteen on-staff clinicians with expertise in numerous different areas to help the students succeed. Having a diverse pool of clinicians allows Diamond Ranch to find the perfect fit for each student who walks through their doors. Clinicians are assigned to students based on their needs rather than being assigned at random. These clinicians have unique areas of expertise and skill bases that complement each other well. The school also has seven licensed teachers and several paraprofessionals to support them in helping the teens in every way they can.

Boarding School Students

Diamond Ranch Academy has bright and talented kids who, for one reason or another, have fallen off track and need some assistance. The school creates a safe space for teens to take a break from life, reevaluate their decision making, and become the best version of themselves. This boarding school for teens eliminates the distractions and influences from the outside world that are pulling teens in the wrong direction. 

The program directors have developed a character curriculum to help their students learn emotional health. In this character curriculum, students are taught how to have healthy relationships and how to communicate properly. The boarding school is not just like a military academy where teens are screamed at until they follow the rules. This is a therapeutic boarding school that wants to cultivate the individuality of the teens and keep their talents and interests working for them. While they may be hesitant at first, many testimonials show that the teens are often glad their parents chose to send them to Diamond Ranch Academy.

Diamond Ranch Academy Programs

Diamond Ranch Academy has five different schools within their campus to cater to the needs of specific age groups and genders:


Sandstone has male students from 12-13. These boys receive a high-quality education and have access to resources to help them succeed in the classroom. The students receive individual attention from certified tutors. This system has the boys prepared for high school and beyond upon graduation.

Stone Ridge

The Stone Ridge boarding school facility takes on 14 and 15-year-old boys. Here they are held accountable for the choices they make. The Stone Ridge academic program is designed to build academic skills while inspiring confidence. The staff makes certain the boys are ready to move on into high school.

Lava Falls

For boys aged 16 and 17, DRA has the Lava Falls boarding school. Most teens this age doesn’t see the value in studying long term, so they go after instant gratification, putting off things that will help them succeed in the long term. At Lava Falls, they are taught to connect the dots between school and success later in life.

Young men at this age desire to be independent but may not be ready for the demands that come along with it. Lava Falls helps develop these teens’ life skills and values with their specific curriculum and team of ace counselors.

Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs is the girls’ boarding school from 12–15. This age range is a tough stage for teenagers, and Crystal Springs will help them work through that. At Crystal Springs, students will develop the skills they need to navigate the changes they experience physically and emotionally during their teenage years. 

Through therapeutic programs, the students will learn to value themselves and develop healthy self-esteem. Crystal Springs understands that physical health is an important part of emotional health, so they offer a variety of health-promoting and fun activities to the girls. Activities such as these also help them build connections with other students in the school, making the transition to home life easy.

Whisper Creek

Girls aged 16 and 17 years attend Whisper Creeks for therapeutic boarding school. Here they teach the students how to grow in maturity and develop emotionally. The girls develop trusting relationships with their individual therapists to help guide them through these trying times. Furthermore, this eases the development and maintenance of relationships once students graduate DRA. The girls can enjoy a variety of different sports activities as well as unique events like skating and yoga.

Diamond Ranch Academy Reviews from Parents

A Diamond Ranch Academy alumnus’ father “When we made the decision to send them it was just the overall package. It was the combination of school, therapy, and the efforts placed on family. Not just doing therapy but creating as close to a high school experience as possible”

Jasper (Alumni of Diamond Ranch Academy) “They would tell me what I need to hear, not just what I want to hear…this really meant a lot to me. I felt taken care of and a little spoiled because I had such a great time”

A mother of alumni at Diamond Ranch Academy” It is always progressing. They are always coming up with new ideas and new therapy ideas. I think they are just really ahead of the curve”

Allegra Alumni of Diamond Ranch Academy “It fit what we needed. I am happy that my parents chose to send me here because I was 16 when I was sent here and I was like okay it’s time to get your life together”

Learn more about Diamond Ranch Academy’s boarding school for teens and read recent news about the school.

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