Success Is Pointless Unless You Give Back to Society – Mathieu Arseneault


    Philanthropy is an age-old phenomenon that dates back to the days when human civilization was still evolving. Fast forward to 2022, the concept attracts humanitarians from across the globe who extend their fortunes to the underprivileged. As per Quebec’s renowned real estate pioneer Mathieu Arseneault, “philanthropy is more than just donating your money. It’s about empathy and determination to solve problems around you. It’s also about lifting others and chasing adversities away.”  

    Having worked 80-hour work weeks in the first ten years of his career, Arseneault knows firsthand what success is made of. The real estate tycoon shares that he has made numerous sacrifices in his life and worked hard each day with a single purpose in mind – to provide everything his wife and children would ever need. His resolve to give back to the community comes from his days of sheer hard work. “A man’s first responsibility is to provide for his family, and once you’re capable of doing that, you must scale yourself to the next level. It’s crucial to help others in every way you can. Philanthropy is a beautiful form of altruism. When you support a cause, you set a precedent for other successful people around you,” says Arseneault. 

    In a day and age when half of the world’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of the top 1%, it becomes all the more important to reach out to the less fortunate and help them live a decent life. “There is massive inequality in the global distribution of wealth. Philanthropy is one way the deepest pockets in the world can help tackle this problem,” explains Arseneault.  

    The role of philanthropy has changed in modern times. For Mathieu Arseneault, generosity also comes garbed in giving time and attention to your community. “Taking time out to volunteer and helping your peers or those who look up to you to succeed are also subtle ways of giving back to your community,” says Arseneault. He adds that philanthropists must explore innovative ways to connect with community groups and non-profits to leave a maximum impact and social service. 

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