Model Emily Regina has a disturbing stalker horror story


    Emily Regina, a young and beautiful Dutch model has been living her dreams through travel and amazing content. Her life was picture perfect until someone began turning up at her house uninvited and unannounced…

    Young women all around the world have a shared nightmare and this all came true for one Instagram model and Only Fans star. With over 1.6 million followers and a career flourishing and building every day, it all seems like the dream life. However, Regina told us of a horrifying stalker that has kept her under his eye whilst rising to fame in the public eye.

    “Never in a million years did I predict that my life would take off like this. I worked so hard on my brand and my image and content, and fame just happened to stumble on my doorstep. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that I have had and adore all of my lovely followers.”

    Emily is a kind, hardworking woman and made her own dreams come true, but she didn’t realize that there would be a price to pay for this.

    She described her horror story as, “terrifying” and “having countless sleepless nights”. Her stalked managed to get hold of every email address she had access to and sent countless messages and photos of herself walking along the streets of her hometown. “My friends and family told me to simply ignore it, but the more I ignored them, the angrier the messages seemed to get”.

    He began threatening the young woman and even began leaving packages outside of her home address. “I did not open any of them, I put them in the trash at first and then began taking them straight to the police.” Eventually, the stalker seemed to get the hint and the model tried to push those horrific months out of her life.

    “It took me a really long time to get over this entire ordeal and realise that this person just wanted to bring me down and ruin my progress. I will just never understand why you would want to ruin the life of someone that you don’t even know!” Emily was so brave during this time but still stayed true to herself and used her platform for the greater good.

    With an ever-growing fanbase and message requests for days, Emily told us that she is still “so appreciative of all of those that love and support her” and uses her influential position to remind and support women through difficult and testing times. She urges everyone to stay positive and confident and to always follow their dreams. “No matter what stands in the way, happiness and kindness will always be on top”.

    Despite this horror story, Emily continues to create content that she loves and is always interacting with fans online over Instagram and TikTok. She will never let anyone bring her down and will always remember that she is better than those negative people that cannot stand to see her succeed.

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