Bitcoin (BTC) is down 5.95% to CA$26,884.00


THUNDER BAY – TECH – The Bitcoin slide continues.

Bitcoin (BTC) is down -5.95% to CA$26,884.00

Nine months ago, crypto experts were predicting that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin would be topping $100k US.

Since December the price of Bitcoin has continued to slide downward.

Coinbase reports, “Several months into a crypto winter, with BTC down 70% from November’s all-time highs, a big question is percolating: Are we near a bottom? While some analysts contend that macro factors are key — like the Fed slowing down rate hikes or equity earnings forecasts getting revised lower — others feel that we are already close to the low-end. While no one can predict how crypto markets will move, the search for the bottom isn’t just about price levels. As one crypto trader told CoinDesk, “the bottom is as much a product of time as it is price … cynicism must abate to make way for optimism.”

Is the slide over?

Whoever plays the market right could generate huge profits.