Dr. Darnyelle Harmon, the Award Winning Thought Leader, Is Normalizing Wealth and Legacy


    A lot of people succeed, but only a few radiate success! The aura of success exudes positivity all around them, and they spread that aura, that feeling to others. The Incredible business transformer, Dr. Darnyelle Harmon, is one of those few whose contagious energy touches the lives of those who come in contact with her. Her captivating presence, inspirational words, and resonating positivity keep the audience spellbound while she is speaking.

    Everything about Dr. Darnyelle is impressive- the woman never fails to stir awe and inspiration in you. Her story is a never-ending series of incredible breaking belief barriers from the start to her present. Being born to parents who were drug addicts, Darnyelle was able to overcome the stigma that typically accompanies such an upbringing.

    Darnyelle, showed her promise early on when she decided to choose her education over the chaos that ensued. She did not succumb to her formidable circumstances, and her massive self-confidence and commitment to achieving her next level helped her get through. She had the mental strength, the ability to turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone. Nothing had the audacity to stop her when she had decided to get something done. With a firm grip on life, she pursued education, got a corporate job, aced it, and left it to start her own business.

    Her unwavering confidence and positive self-belief are not just limited to her; her abilities are now changing lives and shifting businesses to their next level.

    Dr. Darnyelle is breaking barriers in many ways; she is a changemaker who seeks to normalize wealth generation and legacy creation. She entertains a unique definition of a successful entrepreneur and she cultivates that definition through her inspirational words and Move to Millions Method(R). Dr. Darnyelle believes in positioning businesses and companies to more than survive – she wants them to thrive and generate wealth that lasts generations. She does not propagate robotic money-making skills; instead, she supports the spiritual alignment of the self with the purpose/thought.

    A CEO is a whole person, for her, and not someone who is solely focused on making meaningless money. She inspires entrepreneurs to move from their present position to making millions with grace and ease, enjoying life at the same time. Darnyelle doesn’t believe in the hustle and grind that most entrepreneurs have to endure in order to sustain their business. She resonates with positivity, inspiration, and courage as she urges her listeners, service-based entrepreneurs, to move to millions and leave a legacy for their children and the children of their children.

    Want to experience the contagious energy of her words? Visit her here.



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