From accidentally hearing the word ‘Bitcoin’ to becoming one of the geniuses of the industry, BitBod is a prodigy


    News about cryptocurrency has been doing rounds for quite some time now, and almost all of us have heard about it at one point or another in our lives. A few years ago, the internet was packed with information about it,  but most of it was either incorrect or incomplete. Even though people are pretty aware of cryptocurrency, many have just a vague idea about its functioning. That leaves only a few who know precisely how crypto works.

    Barbod Masoumi is one such entrepreneur who accidentally stumbled upon this term and gradually became a master at it. Still a teenager, he was working out in his gym when he overheard a conversation about bitcoin. Having no clue about it, he became a part of the conversation in order to understand the concept a bit better. The idea really excited him, so he decided to do his own research on the subject. He was surprised to find out that most of the information he got from his gym mates was inaccurate.

    While studying the books and reading articles online, initially, everything seemed confusing to him. However, after thorough research, he finally hit the jackpot. He discovered Andres Antonopoulos – the man who changed his life forever. It was through his book that Barbod understood the concepts of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Somehow, he knew this was the start of a new journey for him and he was right!

    When he started off, Barbod had no capital to start a business. He lost a lot of money, but that’s the essence of learning the market. There are good and bad days, and you learn from your mistakes. In order to have a steady income coming in, he became a consultant because he had vast knowledge about it. Moreover, he kept on adding to it through his continuous learning and after some time, he started teaching large companies in Iran and the Middle East about cryptocurrency. With these interactions, Barbod was not only able to help the companies, but he also learnt a great deal about different businesses.

    It was in the year 2020 that he realized he’s prepared to start his own company and that’s when BitBod Company came into existence, becoming the largest cryptocurrency training company in the Middle East. He progressed very quickly and reached a point where, within six months, millions of people were consulting him and subscribing to his channel.

    BitBod is a combination of bitcoin and his name Barbod. Bod in Persian means the owner – BitBod, a name well suited for his company. Starting from his room, studying for two years and mastering the subject, Barbod now owns offices in the Middle East with around 100 employees working under him. His work ethic is based on three principles; ‘teamwork always works’, ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’, and ‘we will rock together’. This shows his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and how he manages to motivate his team to do better every single day.

    Barbod has always been a self-driven and creative individual. A college dropout, he received most of his knowledge from books and reading online. For him, creativity comes from data. As much information and data you have about a particular subject, you will be skilful and proficient in producing innovative ideas to make things work. The power for him lies in his mind.

    For most people, cryptocurrency is a very mysterious world that they consider to be a scam. What they don’t know is that cryptocurrency has its own law, which is very clear and transparent. Instead of focusing on the downside of new things, people should concentrate on the benefits. While cryptocurrency provides you with a very high level of security, on the other hand, it speeds up your life’s financial system. Now put security and speed together, and you will see how these two will improve the quality of life in a financial system. This is our future and we can’t really turn a blind eye to it. The sooner we get the hang of it, the better we will be able to adapt to this change.

    BitBod focuses on permanent studying and analyzing crypto and blockchain. Its unique feature lies in his idea of sharing. He shares his knowledge with others as he firmly believes in collective learning. Many students have been trained through his social media platforms. The more people know about cryptocurrency, the more the crypto-world grows and the more profits everybody can earn. In Bitbod’s opinion, the more you give, the more you receive. His consulting services in the crypto field and his constant efforts to expand his channel to spread information about crypto have been helping traders to grow and prosper across the region.

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