How you can add glamor and sophistication to your event, with Runway Waiters


    You can now say goodbye to boring, mundane, old events and be part of the glitz and glamor of a sophisticated event. That is to say, if you want to bring finesse to your event, consulting with Runway Waiters is all you need! Most importantly, it is not just you that will have availed their services, big names like Google, Louis Vuitton, Facebook, Ferrari, and Ralph Lauren- who are all at the top of their respective industries- have already partnered with Runway Waiters. This agency is a promotional agency that provides professionals who act as brand ambassadors for the clients, to upscale any party or event, such as store openings or even private parties. These professionals act as brand ambassadors in NYC as well as other cities such as Los Angeles and Miami.

    Runway Waiters aim to team up with only the best of professionals to cater to their client’s distinct needs for a myriad of events. Thus, if the client has to put together an event for a film premiere, a business convention, or an art gallery opening, Runway Waiters will provide only elite staffing services that will best suit their client’s wants. The same is vital because the agency understands that the professionals become the face of the event, they become a reflection of their clients- and thus, what else other than to assist their clients to only put their best foot forward.

    To provide the best brand ambassadors in NYC, Runway Waiters has collaborated with only the elite modeling management agencies like Elite Model Management, IMG Models, Wilhelmina International Inc., Ford Models, and NEXT Management, to name a few. The agency recognizes the need to leave a lasting impression in any event and has therefore partnered with only top-tier modeling management agencies to provide brand ambassadors in NYC that are skilled in advertising, brand promotion, and engagement of clients. Thus, the mantra here is that looks are not all that matters; having strong social and emotional intelligence capacities to better engage potential investors and customers, ease them into a conversation, and assist them to enjoy the event, are all even more important.

    Runway Waiters’ interface is something that needs to be considered as well, as their website allows for easy access for clients to choose professionals who they want to team up with at events. What is important to keep in mind is that all the professionals on the website have been trained to assist the clients to the best of their ability in a variety of settings- be it a cocktail party, a promotional event, a runway event, or a fashion show. As can be seen, providing nothing but the best brand ambassadors in NYC is the motto followed by Runway Waiters.



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