Cesar Ornelas – 4 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Law Firm For Your Personal Injury Case


Suffering a personal injury can be deeply upsetting and has the potential to be a life-changing event. While focusing on your recovery you also have to consider the medical bills, paperwork, and communication with the insurance companies. 

In general, a more serious injury will mean a more complicated case. This is where using an experienced personal injury lawyer can prove to be very beneficial. They will make sure your case is properly taken care of so you get appropriate compensation to aid in your recovery. 

Below are four reasons why hiring an experienced attorney like Cesar Ornelas is the right move if you’re serious about your case. Licensed in Texas, Cesar Ornelas’s nationwide legal practice is contingency fee-based and he specializes in a wide variety of catastrophic personal injury and death cases, representing countless victims of catastrophic accidents across the U.S.

  1. Speeding Up the Claims Process

The insurance companies will delay the personal injury claims process for as long as possible. Oftentimes, it can take months or even years to make any progress with your claim. After an accident, you’ll likely need the payout sooner rather than later to assist with your recovery. 

Hiring an experienced and successful personal injury lawyer ensures someone is working tirelessly to speed up the complex and sometimes lengthy legal process. Cesar Ornelas and the experienced attorneys at the Cesar Ornelas Law firm will stay on top of the insurance company and negotiate with the defendant’s lawyers to make sure you get your compensation as quickly as possible. 

  1. Handling Negotiations with the Insurance Company

As a personal injury victim, your aim is to get a settlement that you deem as fair. However, insurance adjusters can be hard to work with and will do whatever they can to limit the compensation you receive. 

An experienced attorney like Cesar Ornelas will take the lead in the negotiations with the insurance company and fight for the maximum compensation possible for your injuries. 

  1. Victims With Proper Legal Representation End Up With Bigger Settlements

More often than not, personal injury claims don’t end up in court. Instead, you negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement. Choosing to represent yourself in a scenario like this is extremely risky. There’s a lot on the line and the average person lacks the negotiating experience to get the largest settlement possible. The Insurance Research Council released a report that revealed settlements were 40% higher when victims were represented by an attorney. 

Cesar Ornelas has won multiple million and multi-million verdicts on and settlements on behalf of his clients. He knows how to pull out all the stops to get you a settlement you’re satisfied with. 

  1. Court Representation

If a settlement is not reached, your personal injury lawyer will be able to file a lawsuit which means you’ll be going to court. It is in your best interest to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side in this situation. 

You do have the option to file your own lawsuit and represent yourself in court. Be aware that the defendant will most likely have a professional working with them which will make it hard for you to stand a chance at winning. 

Cesar Ornelas has had tremendous success representing victims of catastrophic personal injury and death cases and will work relentlessly until he gets you what you deserve. 

The Cesar Ornelas Law Firm

Cesar Ornelas handles catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases for clients in Texas and across the nation and his firm offers a free consultation to help potential plaintiffs review their legal options.

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