Matt Catterall’s inspiring journey from Apprentice to Entrepreneur.


    To achieve a dream just dreaming can never be enough. Skills, time, energy, planning, and a lot go into making a business successful. Such has been the journey of this young man who set out as an army of one and now has a remarkable team of more than 40 professionals in electrical, plumbing, and security engineering solutions. He built the most distinguished and reliable company in Morecambe and is trusted by thousands of people in the UK. Matt, also known as Matthew Catterall, ventured MJ Catterall in 2014 to deliver personalised and top-notch electrical, plumbing, and security engineer solutions in Morecambe.

    Matt is a prominent entrepreneur famous for turning his life and business around, in just two years. While other businesses struggle to construct a base and space in the competitive market, Matt’s excellence has created benchmarks for others to aspire to. At 16, Matt quit school and started working as an apprentice in a quaint company. When he realised there was limited scope for career growth and possibilities, he recognised his skills and mastery of the art. In 2014, he commenced his start-up, MJ Catterall, in Morecambe, with the focus to deliver customer satisfaction and high-grade services.

    Owner and founder of MJ Catterall, Matt has received tremendous response from the people; praising the quality and virtuosity of the services rendered. Catterall won the Lancashire Division 2019 at England’s Business Awards and was recognised to be the best in business. Matthew’s mastery and ability unlocked many more achievements:

    • Won the Morecambe Bay Sunshine Awards in 2020
    • Felicitated with SME Business Elite Award for the Best Electrical Contractor 2021
    • Received the 2022 Lancashire Business Award for the Most Trusted Company

    Matt shares, “I started from the bottom on my own; one man and my van. I invested myself in the business to grow it into a successful company. Today, through long hard hours, patience, and determination, I can proudly say that within 2 years, the business grew immensely and now is valued at 7-figures.

    While a prominent entrepreneur, Matt is also a philanthropist actively engaging in charitable deeds by providing cancer care, hospice care, and aiding bipolar disorder patients. Being a sports fan, he participated in a charity boxing match and supports professional boxers and sporting teams.

    Matthew is on the expedition to become a distinguished entrepreneur throughout the UK, create many successful companies that will generate employment and provide secure jobs to hundreds of people.

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