Valeriya Lisitsyna Lists 3 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your First Reels

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Valeriya Lisitsyna is an influencer, entrepreneur and content creator based out of Seattle, Washington. 

Her success story is inspiring. It was during her college days at the University of Washington while working two part time jobs she started growing her Instagram account. She had majored in marketing at the University of Washington before plunging into the world of influence.

She started her content creator journey back when she was a broke college student in 2018. Over the last 4 years, Valeriya Lisitsyna has amassed over 370,000 Instagram followers by sharing her lifestyle content and teaching others her social media tips.

She has endorsed many commercial brands like Lulus, McDonalds and CVS on her extremely popular social media pages. One of her most popular videos on the app is an Instagram hack, and has received over 10.3 million views.

She has one thing to say- GET ON IG REELS! If your need more help, here are the 3 mistakes to avoid when creating your first Reels by Valeriya. The 3 rookie reels mistakes are –

  1. Reels Videos are too long- You should keep your reels videos short as the attention span of viewers is quite short these days and you wouldn’t want them to scroll past your videos.
  2. Not adding text- A story line and a title is a must in your video. A video without a text is a big mistake as not everyone has their sound on while scrolling through Instagram
  3. Not having a niche- Having a niche or a specific topic for your reels video is important too. Listen to Valeriya’s free podcast episode called Top 5 ways to find a topic for your IG account.

You should keep these tips in mind as you will find it useful later.

She uses various equipment and gadgets to create interesting reels. Valeriya Lisitsyna uses a selfie stand, camera, battery, and other videography equipment necessary for creating reels.

This is the best time to hop on a new way to grow on IG. The Reels algorithm is amazing, so take advantage of it.

Also, if you still haven’t, download her free growth hacks pdf in her Instagram bio and get started on your Instagram journey.

Start following Valeriya on Instagram at valerie_lisitsyna to know more about her or her TikTok account @valerie_lisitsyna


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