From working on malnutrition to serving working laborers, Chetan Thakor is the new citizen on duty

Chetan Thakor
Chetan Thakor

India has been dealing with poverty and an alarming rate of malnutrition alongside a lack of responsibility towards the labor workers. However, many real-life heroes have come forward to bring the changes and Chetan Thakor is one of them. He has been working on serving malnutritioned children and healthy food distribution to the labor workers. Chetan has been bringing the change that India has been looking forward to through his hard work and constant support for the needy.

Chetan has donated supplies including masks, oxygen cylinders, and ration kits, and raised awareness of the deadly Covid 19 in the past by being on the field in the harsh times. He has donated food kits to the women and education supplies to the children of the much-needed society. He is also known to have led a team from 2012 through 2017 and has served a community through his welfare and engaging activities towards society. Chetan Thakor has also been a highly active individual who has worked for the betterment of many backward and underprivileged communities. Finally, he has again participated in distributing food to the needy working laborers and also actively eliminated malnutrition by delivering good quality food for the children.

He says, “Children for ages have been going through malnutrition because of lack of healthy and appropriate food. I must take care of the people of my country. The least I could do is to support the community I live in. I would love to ask my fellow young mates to reach out and help the ones who need that hand. I shall continue this journey for as long as it is necessary and what makes me feel motivated is the fact that I received my rights and now it’s the time for me to deliver my duties.”

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