QR Codes For Coupons: The Best Online Discount Ideas For Your Business

    QR Codes For Coupons

    Daily transactions today have become digital, and more people rely on mobile devices for these processes. In fact, 54.4 percent of global website traffic came from mobile devices, as reported by Statista.

    Without a doubt, smartphones are just downright handy and multifunctional, perfect for individuals who are always on the go.

    The Statista survey is just one proof that campaigns optimized for mobile users can help businesses reach more people.

    One solution that has effectively helped marketers is a QR code.

    This offline to online technology enables businesses to engage with their customers through their smartphones. One of the best uses of a QR code is in the introduction of QR code coupons.

    Types of coupon QR codes that you can use

    1. Scheduled coupon QR code

    Scheduled coupons are perfect for businesses that do not have a website. They can simply use a QR code generator online and build a dynamic QR code for coupons.

    Using dynamic QR codes, businesses can change the discounts they offer anytime and track its number of scans.

    They can also use an advanced dynamic QR code feature like the QR code expiry feature. With this, the scheduled coupon QR code will expire at a certain time or after reaching its scan limit.

    1. Scratch-it coupon QR code

    Using scratch-it coupons, businesses can ensure that only the ones purchasing the bundle can scratch and redeem the prize it holds.

    If your business is planning to use one and customize the design and logo, see to it that you are using an online QR code generator software.

    1. Online Coupon QR code

    Online coupon QR codes are redeemed through a customized landing page created by the shop or business that runs these promotions.

    This type of coupon allows customers to check out the discounts they can avail and use upon checkout.

    Areas where coupon QR codes can be used

    1. Grocery Stores

    Grocery stores can reward buyers who have reached a set amount of purchase. They can let them scan the coupon QR code to get a freebie, discount, and even a cashback that they can use in their next purchase.

    1. Online Shops

    Online shops can use QR codes for coupons to spice up the way they give perks to their shoppers. With this strategy alone, they can easily turn one-time customers to repeat buyers.

    1. Restaurants and bars

    Reward your customers with complimentary treats or drinks during happy hour by posting a coupon QR code on your restaurant or bar bulletin board.

    1. Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

    Want your customers to make a repeat order? You can place a coupon QR code in their current order. The QR code can become the customer’s referral code when someone they know places an order in your app.

    Your customers can then encourage more people to order and buy from your delivery app at a discounted price and help your business grow at the same time.

    1. Movie Theaters

    Theater custodians can use a coupon QR code to reward moviegoers who arrive early. They can either give a 20% discount on their next ticket purchase or get a free movie merchandise.

    Coupon QR codes can revolutionize the way businesses connect with their customers by engaging with them on offline and online platforms through their smartphones. This creates an easy way to drive more sales at a minimum cost.

    If you plan to make your coupon QR code campaign, it is important to select a user-friendly QR code generator that holds all the best solutions you may need not just for the coupon creation, but also for your future campaigns.

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