Dr. Obaid Chaudhry Keeps Ahead of the Demand for Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures


    2021 was one of the biggest years for the plastic surgery industry. With advances in technology and the growth of social media, this trend is expected to keep rising. People are now more accepting and open about their cosmetic procedures. Dr. Obaid Chaudhry, a renowned plastic surgeon and founder of Be That Beautiful Plastic Surgery Center, explains that there are several procedures that have been highly requested.

    The top three trending procedures of 2021 were:

    • Lifted brow frames

    The eyes are a very focal part of the human face, and with the pandemic enforcing masks, people opted to highlight the features of their face that were still visible. Dr. Chaudhry explains that many patients went in for lifted lateral canthus and brow frames to open their faces and add youthfulness to their look. This procedure was made popular by celebrities and soon caught on with the general public. It quickly became a hot look for 2021.

    • Creative Botox use

    Even with the stigma around aesthetic procedures dying down, many Botox procedures hardly look natural. In 2021, the need for an enhanced look that looks as natural as possible became crucial. That has led to the expansion of the uses of Botox. Now, it is not just for wrinkles and fine lines; it has also been introduced to jawline refinement, brow lifting, minimizing pores, and even facial flashing. Botox remains a strong contender in the cosmetic industry.

    • Non-invasive procedures

    From facelifts and other body treatments, many people are moving away from invasive procedures in favor of non-invasive ones. Dr. Chaudhry’s smooth sculpt process, Lipo 360, is one such procedure. The search for the perfect approach continues, and the rise of non-invasive procedures that reduce risk and downtime has become a favorite for many people.

    Trends come and go, which is also true of the plastic surgery industry. Dr. Chaudhry opines those non-invasive procedures will continue to gain popularity in coming years.

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