Letter – Should you vote strategically in this Ontario election?


A discussion worth having!

THUNDER BAY – LETTERS – In light of the coming election, many liberals and democrats are left wondering if they should strategically vote for Kevin Holland or Peng You.

So, I want to explore both options and try to come to a conclusion about what’s best for Thunder Bay.

A simple definition of strategic voting is to vote for your non-preferred candidate to maximize the chances of getting the best outcomes and results for your riding.

The polls show Doug Ford will form another government, and with this in mind, will this influence how you vote? Suppose your preferred candidate gets elected, but their party doesn’t form the next government.

In this case, your preferred candidate as the opposition will have minimal impact on getting the best outcomes and results for your riding.

On the other hand, if your non-preferred candidate’s party forms a majority government and gets elected, they will have a stronger voice, a seat at the table, and the greatest impact on policies and allocation of funding for their riding.

So does one vote strategically for the non-preferred candidate whose party will form the majority government help?

Ultimately, whether or not to vote strategically is a personal decision that each voter must make for themselves.

Some people believe that strategic voting is the best way to ensure that their voice is heard. Others believe that strategic voting is a form of self-interest that does not truly reflect their values. There are pros and cons to strategic voting, and each voter must decide for themselves what is most important to them.

The Cons of strategic voting, If you vote for the candidate who has the best chance of winning, regardless of your personal opinion, you may end up with a candidate who does not share your values.

The Pros; Strategic voting can also help to prevent vote-splitting.

Vote splitting can dilute the impact of your vote and make it less likely that your preferred candidate will win. Finally, strategic voting can increase voter turnout. If people believe that their vote will make a difference, they are more likely to actually go to the polls and cast their ballot.

Politics has always been a controversial topic. People have different opinions on the best way to run a country, and this can lead to heated debates. However, it is important to remember that politics is not about emotions. It is about making the smart choice for the best results. This means that we should be strategic when we vote.

We should vote for the candidate who we believe will make the best decisions for the riding, province, or even country, even if they do not align with our personal views. By doing this, we can ensure that the province or country is run in the best way possible. Strategic voting may not be easy, but it is essential if we want to make the smart choice for the best results.

Kevin Rzepa
Thunder Bay

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