Julien Momm presents new coaching franchise system

Julien Momm
Julien Momm

After Julien Momm made it to a successful online coach on the German market, he is now implementing his plan to establish a completely new coaching franchise system in the USA. But who is the man behind this project?

Julien Momm’s personal and also professional biography is quite unusual for a relationship and business coach. However, for these activities it certainly does not hurt to have special experiences. After all, as in private life as well as in business, obstacles are always in one’s way. Some people seem to have no trouble overcoming them, while others fail to do so and simply do not improve, even after repeated attempts.

Julien can truly sing a song about these obstacles and the constant search for new challenges. He comes from a rather average home. His mother died when Julien was still a young boy. This sad experience initially led Julien Momm to binge eating. Miraculously, however, Julien managed to get a grip on this problem. Completely inspired by the desire to help other people, he began working as a nurse. However, due to his attractive appearance, Julien was also discovered as a stripper. Both experiences came in handy in his later work as a business coach, because here, too, it is also about helping other people, adjusting to them and showing self-confidence.

In addition to television appearances on popular reality shows such as Take Me Out, Köln 50674, Temptation Island, Temptation Island VIP and Beauty and the Nerd, Julien Momm has also worked as a successful relationship and business coach. Now Julien has set himself the completely new goal of founding the first franchise system on the coaching market. For this he is looking for new partners. Julien needs motivated personalities who are enthusiastic about his idea and his project. The common goal of those involved should be to create a fast and smooth integration of new coaches into the lucrative and mutually profitable franchise system.

At this point, Juliens once again benefits from experience as a nurse, stripper and relationship coach. Because Julien knows that any academic degrees don’t matter at all when it comes to judging a person. But it is much more important to him that his franchise partners have empathic skills. They need to have a feel for the concerns of the people who come to them for help. Emotional intelligence is the keyword here. For Julien, this is worth much more than theoretical, learned psychological knowledge.

This creates a completely new franchise coaching system in the US market. Any interested coach will be given the chance to apply to work with Julien, without obligation, and unleash his extraordinary potential and help others do the same. Although Julien Momm still generates annual sales in the high five-figure range as a relationship coach, he still has other goals. The new franchise is intended to unite people who think alike and who want to advise others on their problems. Anyone who thinks they can provide good support and relief for others is cordially invited to join Julien’s franchise.

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