Watan News Creating Waves by Covering Sensitive Topics With Its Unbiased Approach Towards Issues in General

Watan News
Watan News

Journalism and the news industry are often the centre point of talks since it narrates and drives the entire country and its relations with the world. It is only through the news that people get acquainted with social issues, politics, economy, sports and the like. It is only through the news that we get to know the reality that connects us better with the world. But is the reality really real or does it face the threat of censorship and pressure by the local and international governments? This varies from country to country, for instance freedom of the press is guaranteed by law in the USA, but that may not be the same for West Asian countries. 

One such Arab American newspaper based in the US is Watan News which has been founded by Nezam Mahdawi, a Palestinian-American journalist and saw the light after the first Iraqi war in 1990 and its repercussions. There are many conflicts and issues that are unresolved, sensitive and have a fear attached to them that no one wants to talk about. However, there are few personalities like Mahdawi who gather the courage to reveal the truth in eyes of the audience and discuss issues that really matter.

Watan News saw its first publication in Washington in March 1991 before spreading to New York, Chicago, Detroit, Texas, Washington, and throughout the United States. It is best known as the only Arab American platform that advocates transparent journalism and is famous for its liberal secular stance. Watan covers all party perspectives with an unbiased approach and without any favoritism. It has a record of showcasing matters like human rights violations in the UAE or covering the marriage of a 100 years old Iraqi man marrying a girl a decade younger than him. 

Such sensitive topics possess the ability to spark a fire in society or the ongoing political scenario of a country. For this reason, Watan News has attracted much opposition and website blockage, threats for removal and whatnot! But this never stopped the organisation from growing, in fact, it has only strengthened its objective day by day.

For the audience who are interested to read such less talked about facts, they can find a copy of Watan News that is published twice a week. It also has a website that is updated 24/7  providing world-class content for keeping the Arab immigrants informed in the US. The platform further aims to emphasize good governance and staying better connected with Arabs for the next few years.

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