NUMANS is all set to redefine the NFT marketplace. Here are the details!


One cannot deny the ever-growing popularity of NFT (Non-fungible tokens) in recent times. The NFT marketplace has introduced ordinary people, business entities and organisations to greater opportunities. As the industry is flourishing, there’s room for new players to trade a property virtually. No wonder, as technological advancements are happening, NFTs are said to be a game-changer in the crypto industry. With an array of NFT projects in the marketplace, NUMANS is said to be an eminent project.

The unique NFT project of NUMANS was incorporated by a team of highly qualified experts from the NFT and crypto industry. With similar programming to that of Bitcoin and Ethereum, NUMANS is working towards changing the future of blockchain technology. As we race ahead with technological innovations, there is a secured process backed by Ethereum Blockchain that gives the record of ownership with only one official owner of digitally owned assets.

Behind bringing the unique NFTs to life, the founder of NUMANS thought to tokenise different things like art, paintings, collectables and real estate. Moreover, he feels that the NFT marketplace is a better opportunity for artists. “Every individual is now building their presence digitally. This will inspire people to buy different forms of assets on the digital ledger”, he added. Apart from this, the experts at NUMANS are leaving no stone unturned to build a community for investors without having any errors in the digital sector.

As the project of NUMANS is making waves for its unique forms of items and collectables, many are still exploring what new the project has to offer. As of now, NUMANS is in the first phase, and there’s a lot more coming for the people and businesses in the times to come. This NFT project is consistently working towards creating top-notch and aesthetic graphics for its community members.

Looking at the stats, it is believed that NUMANS will have 9999 unique NFTs in total. The first phase will have 2500 slots, and even the second phase will have 2500 empty slots for the users. The team of NUMANS has already achieved the milestone by offering its community members the role of ‘First Phase NU’. The phase will allow users to take future decisions easily, thereby giving everyone an insight into the leaderboard.

The project of NUMANS also has newer games and events that will help users to get whitelisted. To know about the NFT space of NUMANS, head to its discord platform You can even know about the NFT project by heading to

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