Inventions by Curren Krasnoff for Duplicent Save Lives and Help Reduce Global Warming

Curren Krasnoff
Curren Krasnoff

Duplicent’s ( technologies, invented by Curren Krasnoff, promise to save lives while reducing global warming. Duplicent’s licensing and self-commercialization strategy throughout its portfolio aims to expand its horizons and introduce its technologies worldwide.

The evidence that people are causing climate change is unequivocal, but the question of what to do about it remains both elusive and divisive. Economic, sociological, and political issues all play a role in how to reverse the damage and plan for the future, but they do not always work in concert.

A worldwide discourse that began with concern over global warming and has now shifted to the more wide reaching term of climate change focuses on a number of disturbing consequences:  escalating average temperatures and extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, and rising sea levels. As humans continue to emit heat-trapping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, all these effects are becoming apparent.

Curren’s innovative Liquid Metal Shooting Fusion Reactor has the potential to make a substantial impact on the fight against climate change. The reactor uses heated liquid metal fired through many shooting tubes positioned around a core to compress two plasma shots that meet at the center of the core. The heated liquid metal is quickly blasted onto the two plasma shots, encircling and compressing the plasma shoots to produce a fusion reaction. The heat of the reaction is absorbed into the liquid metal used to develop the fusion reaction, further heating the liquid metal.

After the fusion process, the heated liquid metal is retrieved and used to generate electricity, and once the liquid metal has cooled it is reused to create further fusion reactions. The fusion reactor developed by Duplicent, while based on prior heated liquid metal fusion reactors, has been modified to produce more substantial plasma compression and has a smaller core to better save the heat of the fusion event in the liquid metal.

Such inventions can serve to mitigate the dangers of global warming, resulting in a healthier Earth all around.

Duplicent is also working on other technologies in various development stages. Cloud computing architectures, braking technologies, earthquake mitigation technologies, aircraft, computer memory technologies, and phones are among the other technologies for which Duplicent has filed patents.

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