Interview With Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh, Known As Arsalan Arman And Javad Shirazi, Is One Of The Most Well-Known People In Social Networks And Cyber Security


Who really is Javad Shirazi? Javad was born in 1998 in Mashhad. He is now one of the most famous and well-known figures in the country. As a child, he had a special interest in computers, mobile phones, and programming, and for this reason, he developed his interest in this field, and now he has reached the highest level of fame. He has helped more than 350 companies expand their business, cyberspace, and security.

Javad Shirazi now has a lot of fans in cyberspace, he now has more than thousands of followers on his Instagram page (javadshiraziofficial).

­­ He started his official activity with the cooperation of Amir Arsalan AleBouyeh, known as Arsalan Arman, the famous singer of the country, and is currently his program director. Javad and Amir have been friends for many years and have collaborated in various fields of music, because Javad Shirazi, in addition to cyberspace and cyber security and internet marketing, has a special interest in music and with the help of Amir Arsalan AleBouyeh, he works in The field of composition and music began. He has released various music in this field. And in this field, it has been very successful and has been noticed. He announced his extensive cooperation with Amir Arsalan AleBouyeh and soon promised all Arsalan Arman fans and supporters to coordinate several concerts with Arsalan Arman.

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