Start A Business Using Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese Mini Trucks
Japanese Mini Trucks

As more and more employees around the world join this era of Great Resignation, they are realizing the importance of work-life balance. This resulted in finding alternative sources of income after quitting their stressful jobs. To earn money to make ends meet, some of these resigned employees result in opening their businesses.

If you are one of them, it is understandable that it may not be easy. Especially when this is your first time with no background or information on how to begin. While some would consider opening a physical shop, there are other alternatives to businesses that may only require a vehicle like owning a Japanese mini truck. 

Do you already own or planning to have these so-called Kei trucks from Japan? Here are some business ideas that you may find feasible in your chosen market.

Retail Business On Wheels

With a little creativity, these mini trucks can be converted into a rolling retail store. Reach out to a company that can create a custom-fit container van for your truck depending on your requirements. Instead of being stuck in one location, your business can reach more customers just by taking the whole store with you. This is a great idea especially when there is plenty of weekends or open market in your area.

Courier Services

Take advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping by opening a courier service company. Though these trucks may look fragile because of their size, they can carry heavy items. However, for safety purposes, make sure to be informed about the truck’s maximum capacity.

This business may require communicating with different companies for it to thrive. If you find it hard to reach out to the big companies, you may start offering your service to small businesses present on social media. Provide them with an introductory price to attract them in trying your service. 

Mobile Cafeteria

Popular with Korean celebrities, mobile coffee shops are on the rise due to their unique setup. This is like bringing the coffee shop anywhere it is permitted. If you think that this business will only serve a variety of instant coffee, you’re wrong. Just like the first concept stated in this article, contact a company that can do a custom fit-out and connects a mobile electrical supply at the same time. After that, you may buy your preferred coffee machine and other appliances required for the business.

With their compact size and powerful operations, these mini trucks can be the next big thing in the business. There is no limit to what business you would like to open using this kind of vehicle, as long as it can carry the load and is well-maintained. If you have been inspired by any of the ideas stated above, looking at where to buy this kind of truck became easier than ever. Companies are selling this kind of vehicle online like those sold by Substar Inc., which can be visited through Most of them would guarantee a hassle-free transaction and receive your new truck in a few days!

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