Ottawa Police Ready for Rolling Thunder

Ottawa Police Exclusion zone

OTTAWA – NEWS – The City of Ottawa is preparing for the Rolling Thunder gathering in the city this weekend.

The Ottawa Police Service, with the support of the City of Ottawa, has created a motor vehicle exclusion zone in the downtown area.

This zone and other measures came into effect Thursday April 28 at 8 pm are intended to maintain business continuity and ease the flow of traffic while ensuring public safety and security above all.

What does ‘motor vehicle exclusion zone’ mean?

  • At this time, the only exclusions to this area are motor vehicles taking part in a demonstration, event, protest or rally.
  • Barricades, heavy equipment or police officers and vehicles will be at various access points surrounding the exclusion zone to filter lawful traffic onto those streets.
  • The roads are not closed – normal traffic circulation is permitted. Motor vehicles not participating in a demonstration, event, protest or rally, and pedestrians and cyclists will be able to enter and exit the zone.
  • There is no on-street parking or stopping anywhere on roads in the zone area coloured purple, ensuring roadways remain clear for all traffic.
  • On-street parking is available in the zone area coloured yellow (see map) for vehicles not participating in a demonstration, event, rally or protest, such as for business patrons and local residents.
  • Any motor vehicles failing to observe road signs will be ticketed and/or towed.