AIBAssets, World-Leading fund managers at your service


    In the industry of investing and trading digital assets and physical assets, having a good fund manager at your service plays a huge part in your success story. It is literally what separates excellent from mediocre investors.

    As an innovative and responsible asset manager, we actively invest for the long term to help our clients and the world to prosper.

    AIBAsset offers investors access to a range of what we believe to be the best global investment opportunities across alternative and core asset classes, this includes equities, fixed income, and futures and options. It operates through three business segments: Global Equities; Fixed Income, Futures and Options; and Global Asset Management. Some of its products include the AIB AlphaPlus Fixed Income Fund, the AIB All-In-One Equity & Bond Fund, and the AIB Short-dated Bond Fund.

    AIBAsset Management has over 19 years of experience in asset management. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about investing and includes world-class fund managers who have built successful careers managing other people’s money. We believe in providing our clients with world-class service and support, so you can rest assured that your money is in good hands.

    What Services are Provided for You at AIBAssets?

    Browse through our portfolio of funds and find the best investment for you. Our fund selection is tailored to meet the needs of individual investors, so you can be confident that your money is being managed by the best in the business.

    Our fund managers are dedicated to providing top-notch service and support, so you can rest assured that your investments are in good hands.

    AIBAsset provides a variety of investment products and services to its clients, including:

    Global Equities: The AIB AlphaPlus Fixed Income Fund and the AIB All-In-One Equity & Bond Fund are two examples of products offered in this category. These funds offer investors access to a variety of fixed-income securities, including government, corporate, and investment-grade bonds.

    Fixed Income, Futures, and Options: The AIB Short-dated Bond Fund is an example of a product offered in this category. This fund invests in short-term debt securities that mature within one year. It offers investors opportunities to gain exposure to a range of currencies and markets around the world.

    Multi-Asset Investment: The AIB Global Multi-Asset Fund is an example of a product offered in this category. This fund offers investors access to a diverse range of investments across multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed-income, and commodities.

    What are the Minimum Investment Requirements for the AIBAssets?

    There is no specific minimum investment requirement for any of the products offered by AIB Assets. However, some products may have higher minimum investment requirements than others. It is important to consult with the product detail page to determine the specific requirements for each fund.

    What are the fees associated with the AIBAssets?

    The fees associated with the AIB Assets vary depending on the product you choose. However, all of the products offered by AIB Asset Management charge a management fee and an annual distribution fee. Additionally, some products may charge additional fees for transactions or withdrawals outside of normal market hours. It is important to consult with the product detail page to determine all of the specific fees that will be associated with your investment.

    What are the Investment Risks Associated with the AIBAssets?

    All investments carry risk, and there is always a potential for loss when investing in securities or other financial products. This risk is inherent in any investment, and cannot be eliminated. However, the AIB Assets fund managers with years of experience are well-positioned to help you mitigate all risks while providing you with much market analysis and financial advice to sway the market in your favor.

    How do AIB Assets Manage your funds and mitigate risks?

    The AIB Asset Management team is composed of experienced financial professionals who use a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to analyze the market and identify opportunities for you. They also use hedging strategies to protect your interests and minimize the risk of loss. Additionally, the team monitors your accounts regularly and provides you with updates on your investments to help ensure you are making the most of your money.

    There are a number of different investment products on offer from AIB Asset Management, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you are not comfortable with the risks associated with the AIB Assets fund options, You can reach out to the team to help you find an investment that is right for you.

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