Giuseppe Cicorella on How Real Success is Built upon Numerous Failures

Giuseppe Cicorella
Giuseppe Cicorella

Giuseppe Cicorella wears many hats. He is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, and mentor, and has been internationally recognized as one of the ten best motivational speakers. He has published articles in national newspapers, created hugely successful courses and podcasts on real estate investing and personal growth, and recently published his first book.

Coming from Italy, Giuseppe Cicorella lacked command of English. As a result, he failed his realtor license exam in the United States seven times in a row before he finally made it. Beginning with countless failures and becoming penniless because of the mistakes he made in business, Giuseppe has indeed come a long way. He now owns over 500 properties, has more than a hundred employees working for him, and is well on his way to the top in the field of real estate investments.

Failures are the pillars on which the edifice of success is built

Giuseppe says that if you are failing repeatedly in the pursuit of your dreams but refusing to give up, unimaginable success is just round the corner for you. It is often the last key in the bunch that will open the lock, he states. Failures are your friend because they will help you identify your mistakes. So, each time you try again – you make one mistake less.

Giuseppe loves to quote the example of Thomas Edison, who failed a thousand times in the lab before inventing the light bulb. Edison famously said: “I did not fail a thousand times. I merely discovered a thousand ways that did not work.” That series of failed attempts led him to invent the bulb, which transformed human civilization forever.

If you have a dream, don’t be afraid of failures

Giuseppe’s secret sauce of extraordinary success lies in the fact that he has never been afraid to fail. He says that if you consider failure as a personal setback, or as proof of your mediocrity, or you feel conscious about how others will look at you when you fail, you will quickly lose the courage to fail a second time.

The world’s greatest ideas and most promising talents die a quiet death simply because those who had those ideas or skills were so afraid to fail that they simply did not act on what they were born to do. On the other hand, those who embraced failure rather than fearing it are considered legends today.

Abraham Lincoln failed in numerous local elections before he finally became president and rewrote the history of the United States. Steve Jobs failed in his endeavors at Apple so badly that the board of directors removed him. He finally made a grand comeback to the company, created the iPhone, and the rest, as they say, is history.

These are the kinds of real-life examples Giuseppe Cicorella lives by because they serve to fuel the proverbial fire in your belly, will prepare you to meet new failures, and pave the way for your world-beating success. 

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